In The Tetons! And Our First Teton Bear!!!

We made it!  We came up to Grand Teton National Park a day early.  We looked up the weather report and they were calling for snow last night and today, so we came up Monday.  We’re glad we did!

IMG_2760 This is what we drove through to get here, but it did snow even more that night!

Last Sunday, we drove up to Dubois for the day, but was actually a little disappointed.  Being a Sunday, many places in the town were closed.  Some of it may have just been the time of the year too.  It’s a little early for their busy season.  But we had lunch in town and walked along the shops and looked in windows.  And then we decided to do a test drive up to the Tetons since it was only another 53 miles to get there! 

The drive to Dubois was a pretty one though.  We saw more Pronghorn along the way!  And tons of deer too! 

IMG_2714In fact, driving back towards Lander where we were staying we saw so many Pronghorn and Mule Deer, we lost track!

This canyon that we drove through was also beautiful!  The rock was such a deep shade of red!!

IMG_2716Then as we headed up towards Grand Teton, the rocks changed color from below but were also very beautiful!

IMG_2722 As we arrived into the park, we shortly got to watch a herd of Elk hanging out up on a hill above.  We hadn’t seen any Elk since Alaska, so we were glad to see them.

IMG_2733The Tetons were covered in snow and had clouds hanging on top of them, but even then, they were incredible!!

IMG_2737As you can see, the lake is still frozen.  This next photo was taken at a picnic place in Colter Bay which is where the campground is that Bobbie will be working in over the summer. 

IMG_2741We’re definitely hoping for a quick thaw period and some warmer weather!  Hopefully sooner rather than later!  

Tuesday, we headed into town to buy groceries and see what all is there and on our way back we saw this herd of Elk at the National Elk Refuge in Jackson.

2.Elk.Elk.Refuge.Jackson.Hole.05.04.10I have never seen this many Elk in one place before!  The refuge offers them a safe place to travel through when they are migrating. 

And then later, less than a mile from where we’re staying we saw our first bear in the Tetons!  This Black Bear was just walking around feeding.  We stayed there to watch until it took off into the trees. 

9.Black.Bear.Grand.Teton.NP.05.04.1014.Black.Bear.Grand.Teton.NP.05.04.10  It sure was beautiful!!!  Got to love the wildlife here!!

Yesterday afternoon, we got a surprise.  It started snowing A LOT!!!

IMG_2782They were calling for up to 6” but thankfully, we didn’t get quite that much.  It’s been snowing for much of today too.  Hopefully, it will end soon and get warmer and more sunny!  We’re waiting!!!

We currently don’t have WiFi where we’re staying so my blogs will be less frequent, but will include more.  We’ll keep taking more pics and add them here as we can on the blog.  So keep coming back!

Happy trails everyone!


  1. It would be good to see some more bear, but I aint getting cold for that, I'll catch them in the Smokies.

    It sure is pretty, (two kinds) there. (cold and beautiful)

  2. Glad you arrived safely. Hope the snow let's us for you.

  3. Lovely photos - especially the frozen lake with the Tetons behind it. The bears came out of hibernation just this month here; we see signs everywhere (turned over trashcans for example).


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