Nice Weather & Hiking Finally!!

Well, the WiFi let me down.  That’s the down side to trying to always use free WiFi to connect to the internet.  Sometimes, you’re just stuck with nothing and you get behind. 

Well, we finally got some beautiful weather up here and I took full advantage of it as soon as it arrived!  Unfortunately, Sal had to work so I had to play alone, but I still made best of it!  ;-)

Friday morning, the sun was shining without a cloud to be seen!  Looking out of the side windows of the house, this is the sight that awaited us. After seeing that, I changed my plans and decided to go for a hike!  On my way to the trailhead, I just had to stop over at Oxbow Bend to check out the reflections.  Gorgeous!!

9a.Oxbow.Bend.reflections.05.14_edited-1Then I headed over to take my hike.  I decided to take a short little hike of about 10-1/2 miles.  What was I thinking?!  I saw a few animal tracks that got me a little nervous while I was out there….

2.Grizzly.Track.Emma.Matilda.Lk.05.14.10 4.Mtn.Lion.Track.Emma.Matilda.Lk.05.14.10


Check out the grizzly, mountain lion, and probably wolf tracks that I ran across!  The bear track made me the most nervous.  I had my bear spray with me, but….. 

I did see many, many elk while I was out.  They are definitely migrating through the area.  I also saw a coyote bouncing around and heard something else in the trees that I didn’t stick around to meet.  I also ran into this little Blue Grouse in the middle of the trail.  Cute little thing!

11.Blue.Grouse.Emma.Matilda.Lk.trail.05.14.10 I also got see a few flowers to prove that spring really is here (I hope)!!

19.Yellow.Bell.Fritillaria.pudica.05.14.10 34.

The views along the hike were amazing!!

14.Jackson.Lk.Emma.Matilda.Lk.trail.05.14.10 17.Emma.Matilda.Lk.05.14.10

29.Tetons.Emma.Matilda.Lk.05.14.10 36.Tetons.Tetons.Emma.Matilda.Lk.05.14.10

All in all, it was an incredible day!  The weather stuck around and I definitely enjoyed being out and about!! 

Happy Trails everyone!


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