We’re settling in

Well, we’re settling into life at Grand Teton National Park.  We’ve met new friends that we already enjoy spending time with.  We all went out to dinner at Signal Mountain Lodge where they have the best nachos I think I’ve ever had!!

1.Nachos.Signal.Mtn.05.07.10 I forgot to take a picture before we started eating them.  This is after we’ve already eaten quite a bit!  And I say WE because BOTH Sal and I were munching on these same nachos!  They arrive at the table piled high like crazy!!  And they taste awesome too!!!


This is Mike & Jackie, Janine & Dave, and Nancy & Mike.  When we arrived there, they all told us that we HAD to try the nachos.  They were definitely right!!

And although the weather really still hasn’t been too great since we’ve arrived, we’ve had some nice weather moments.  I took advantage of one of those moments and got these new photos of the Tetons. 

We’ve also been able to see more wildlife which is always a good thing to us!  These American White Pelicans hang out at Oxbow Bend.  There are so many of them!!

7.Pelicans.Oxbow.Bend.05.07.10 15.Pelicans.Oxbow.Bend.05.07.10We’ve also seen a Bald Eagle, a Great-Horned Owl, Bison, Pronghorn, and a Coyote about to pounce on it’s dinner.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t move my camera fast enough to get those pics while we were driving by them.  I also saw some Moose, but I won’t make you suffer with those pics.  I’ll wait ‘til I can get a better one! 

Sophie and Scruffy have been enjoying watching all the birds out in the trees outside of the house.

2.Sophie.05.09.10 4.Scruffy.05.09.10

We’re all still waiting for warmer weather, but all in all, life is good here! 

Happy Trails everyone!


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