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Hermitage Point

On one of our last days off we took a “local” hike from where we’re staying.  Meaning we walked to the trailhead from our house instead of having to drive to one.  Although, Sal still wanted to drive the 3/4 mile to the marina.  Well, we walked down to the marina to start with.  The day was beautiful and sunny!!  I talked him into the walk. This was our starting point and for a while we hiked along the shores of Jackson Lake with the Tetons towering above the other side.  The views were amazing!!First, we made it out to the shallow edges of Swan Lake.  It was almost completely covered with Rocky Mountain Pond Lilies.  I will definitely have to make this part of the trek again in a week or so to see them fully in bloom!  It will bloom with a sunny yellow 3-5” flower.  This time around there were only buds.  I gotta see the real deals!!!We did get to see some waterfowl while there though.  This really cool sandhill crane was hanging out.  Of course, as I tried to get just a bit closer f…

String, Leigh, and Trapper Lakes

We have finally started getting warmer weather!  And when it rains these days, its more like a passing storm.  This is much better to deal with than the days and days of cold rain we were getting before!  We took advantage of some of this better weather and enjoyed a longer day hike to visit a few local lakes.We began at the south end of String Lake.  This is actually the river that extends from String Lake down to Jenny Lake at the base of the Tetons.  It didn’t take us long at all before we saw a cute little face from an industrious little Yellow-bellied Marmot.  After watching him/her for a bit, we moved on toward String Lake itself.  String Lake is barely 10 feet deep and just over a football field in width.  This makes it one of the few lakes in the Tetons that gets warmed enough by the sun that you could swim in for more than just a quick in and out.  These lakes are formed by glacier meltwater so for the most part they remain pretty cold.  While making our way around String Lak…

Yellowstone NP Day Trip

So on one of our days off we headed north up to Yellowstone National Park.  It rained on us off and on all day, but we didn’t let it slow us down.  Shortly after we got into the park, we saw a few elk hanging out on one of the hills above the road.  We stopped to take a few pics of them before moving on.  Since we’ve been there before a couple of years ago, we didn’t stop to see all of the hydrothermal features in the park.  We were mainly hoping to see some more wildlife that we haven’t seen near us yet, like wolves.  But it still is very cool to see all the steam coming up from the ground, especially across part of Yellowstone Lake.There were the signs of spring in a few places.  This Mimulus guttatus or Seep Monkeyflower was so beautiful!  It was amazing how calm the lake was in the morning.    At one point along the lake we could hear wolves on the other side.  We grabbed up our binoculars and looked and looked, but we could not find them.  So, we headed up the road some more and…