Hermitage Point

On one of our last days off we took a “local” hike from where we’re staying.  Meaning we walked to the trailhead from our house instead of having to drive to one.  Although, Sal still wanted to drive the 3/4 mile to the marina.  Well, we walked down to the marina to start with.  The day was beautiful and sunny!!  I talked him into the walk.

IMG_3790 This was our starting point and for a while we hiked along the shores of Jackson Lake with the Tetons towering above the other side.  The views were amazing!!


First, we made it out to the shallow edges of Swan Lake.  It was almost completely covered with Rocky Mountain Pond Lilies.  I will definitely have to make this part of the trek again in a week or so to see them fully in bloom!  IMG_3799It will bloom with a sunny yellow 3-5” flower.  This time around there were only buds.  I gotta see the real deals!!!

We did get to see some waterfowl while there though.  This really cool sandhill crane was hanging out.  Of course, as I tried to get just a bit closer for a better picture, it chose to move just a bit further away.  It figures!!  I’ve yet to get a really great shot of one of these guys!

IMG_3821 There were also a gaggle (literally) of Canada Geese hanging around!  Did you know that the Canada Goose got its name by being named after a man by the name of John Canada, not because they can be found in Canada?  IMG_3824 After checking out all the birds, we moved on to Heron Pond.  Another beautiful lake/pond with lilies waiting to bloom, but this one had an amazing reflection of the Tetons on it’s waters. 


There were a couple of American White Pelicans hanging out.  Sal’s not too impressed with these large birds, but I think they’re pretty cool! 

IMG_3831 We kept hiking further up the trail out to the point.  It was a beautiful day!  We sat out on the point and had a great lunch along the Jackson Lake shoreline. 

And for those of you who enjoy wildflowers, they are really beginning to bloom.  There was a nice variety. 

We hiked along the side of the Willow Flats where you can sometime see Moose, but no such luck for us.  We walked along the edges of Third Creek for a little while.  IMG_3890As we continued to hike around back towards Colter Bay, we passed along Heron Pond again.  A bunch more Canada Geese hanging around although closer to shore this time.  IMG_3901 They are pretty cute!!  Another great day in the Tetons!!!


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