Rain, Rain Go Away!!

Well, I know I wrote before that we would be going on a scenic float trip down the Snake River, but it has been raining almost non-stop for the last week!  So, we backed out on the trip.  Something about sitting in a raft for 3 to 4 hours while it rained on us just didn’t seem too appealing.  I also had plans of taking a hike on my other day off, and decided that hiking around in the mud while it continued to rain didn’t sound like too much fun either.  Not that I never hike in the rain.  I’ve hiked many trails with raingear on, but I’d still rather do so with better weather and since we’ll be here all summer, I think I’ll take my chances later in the season. 

I did have a little bit of excitement though recently.  All of a sudden I saw movement right outside of our windows.  I turned around to see a moose walking right outside!  I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures through the window. 

14.Moose.outside.house.06.02.10 13.Moose.outside.house.06.02.10

She definitely is a magnificent creature!  Of course,her being right outside, Sophie got excited and wanted to watch this rather large animal.  It was really quite amusing!  First, she saw the moose and then………

9.Sophie.Moose.outside.house.06.02.10 the moose saw her!

11.Sophie.Moose.outside.house.06.02.10 Unfortunately, that tree was right in the way of seeing the moose’s complete face, but you could see the surprise in her eyes.  I’m sure just like this was Sophie’s first view of a moose, the moose has seen very few, if any, cats staring at her!  I have to admit, it made me a little nervous because I didn’t know what the moose would do, but she got over the shock pretty quickly and then went back to her eating.

After a little while, she left our place but didn’t go far.  She went behind one of our friends rigs and laid down to rest.

18.Moose.near.house.06.02.10 She hung around there for a few hours before heading off into the trees.  She was seen again the following day though, so maybe she’s going to be our neighbor all summer.  That would be nice!

Now let’s just hope that the rain, rain will GO AWAY!!


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