The River, Baby Owls and Bison! Oh My!

Well, we have finally had a few days here and there without rain, or at least not that much rain.  We’ll happily take whatever dryness we can get!!  We headed out one day this last weekend to see what we could see.  Because of all of the rain, the rivers and lakes are at their brims.  We stopped at a bridge crossing over the Snake River and I couldn’t believe how much water was rushing down! 

IMG_3096They also opened up the dam at the south end of Jackson Lake to allow even more water to travel down the river.  It was an amazing sight to see!!


IMG_3113 IMG_3102

IMG_3121Apparently it has helped the fishing to improve in this area too.  I don’t know enough about fishing to understand that, but it’s made  a lot of people happy including us!  We got to partake of some wonderful lake trout just the other day.  Mmmmmmmmm!!

So the day after, we took a day trip up to Yellowstone National Park, but that’s going to have to be another blog post all by itself.  I will try to get that one out tomorrow. 

Anyway, then the next day, I took a ride over to a location where there were some Great-Horned Owls born about five weeks earlier.  I had never seen anything quite like these little cuties!!!  Check these pics out!!!

Aren’t their faces just so fuzzy and adorable?!?!?!  Incredible!!!!  I absolutely LOVE nature!!!  It never ceases to amaze me!!

After spending at least an hour and a half, I had to get back home because I had to get to work.  As I got over to the truck, this gal was hanging out. 

IMG_3558 I couldn’t just ignore her.  I had to take her pic!!

And then along the trip back home, the way the clouds hung onto Mount Moran got me to stop and take yet another pic. 

IMG_3564 What a great way to start the day!!  It definitely made going to work a bit easier. 

Don’t forget to come back again soon to see pics from our awesome trip to Yellowstone!!!


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