BEAUTIFUL Garnet Canyon

We headed off the other day into Garnet Canyon on a wonderful hike. We read about it in a hiking book and we thought we knew what to expect. Along the drive to the trailhead, the view across Jackson Lake was amazing!!!IMG_3911As we approached the trailhead, we had to drive over this one-lane wooden bridge over Cottonwood Creek. IMG_4054

These bridges always make me nervous only because our truck is so big and heavy. And as always, we made it over it just fine. And then further up the road to the trailhead itself. From the parking lot we could see this waterfall above. IMG_3925

It had so much water coming down it, we could actually hear it too. Best I can tell from maps is that this is Glacier Falls which heads up at Delta Lake. Shortly after starting the hike, we crossed over a side creek from the Glacier Creek. IMG_3927 The trail quickly climbed and climbed and climbed. Most of the trails around here have a tendency to do that. The view from higher up is pretty incredible though!

IMG_3952 This is looking down at Bradley & Taggart Lakes. We hiked to both of these lakes our last visit to the Tetons. They look so different from above.

So, we continued to climb and climb. We kept getting closer and closer to the mountains. You can see the trail down and to the right in this photo. IMG_3957We just kept saying “Wow!” to each other over and over again. To say it was beautiful doesn’t even give the full effects. This is the view we had of Nez Perce (11,901 feet). IMG_3959 Someone had passed us just as I took that photo and made the comment, “Enjoy the shade while you can.” He wasn’t kidding. As we continued on we left the shade of the trees and traveled across the remnants of a rock slide. IMG_3969

And then there was a creek crossing through the area as well. It was really pretty with the water cascading down. It was amazing how many rock slides had occurred in this area. IMG_3979 IMG_3983

Then we continued to climb further up and closer to the mountains. And all of a sudden, we were hiking in SNOW!!!! We couldn’t believe it!! It was still warm though. It was quite the adventure!!IMG_4003We finally made it to our destination and had a little lunch along Garnet Creek. IMG_4008 It was definitely a nice, relaxing place to hang for a while! IMG_4010

And the views were just simply amazing!!! They were breathtaking!! IMG_4012

This is Middle Teton (12,804 feet). It is split by a prominent dike, formed when a darker rock intruded into fissures and cracks in older rocks. IMG_4045And, of course, we had to have our wildlife sightings. I have to admit, it was pretty warm out and it seemed as if most of the wildlife was hiding in the shade somewhere. We did see quite a few of these Marmots though! IMG_4035 They are just so adorable!!!!

While hiking back down we came across this cocoon thing with caterpillar-like things moving back and forth inside of it. It was cool and kinda creepy all at the same time! I’m going to have to talk to a park ranger to try to find out what exactly makes this. IMG_4052We got rained on a bit on our way back down the mountain too. Oh well. All in all, it was another remarkable day!!


  1. Nice tour! You look as though you had a great hike! Those caterpillars are interesting. Hopefully they aren't destroying a particular kind of tree. If you have a minute, drop by my blogs: Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings

  2. Lovely photos, what a great day. The tent is full of "tent caterpillars." They are disgusting and very bad for trees.


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