Bradley & Taggart Lakes

We were looking for a hike to do about a week or so ago, and decided to re-hike a trail that we hiked almost two years ago because we knew we enjoyed it back then.  First along our way to the trailhead, we couldn’t resist taking this photo of the reflections in the lake!  Simply breathtaking!!!IMG_4257Then off to the trail.  We began by hiking over Taggart Creek where the trail opened up a bit and this was our amazing view!!  IMG_4269

Once we got up to Taggart Lake, we had a little visitor welcoming us!  IMG_4279

The lake was amazing!  The still waters showed the surrounding mountains reflected so beautifully!  IMG_4287 IMG_4295Across the lake, we saw this waterfall coming down from one of the glaciers up above.  We could actually hear the water from it all the way on this side!!IMG_4298Then after a little break at Taggart Lake, it was further up the trail to towards Bradley Lake.  All of a sudden, we looked over and saw this cute little Western Tanager singing us a song!  Gorgeous!!  IMG_4302. Western Tanager.Piranga ludoviciana Then further up the trail, we finally arrived at Bradley Lake.  Another amazing sight to behold!!!!  We sat along its edges for lunch and enjoyed the sounds of nature around us.  IMG_4315 IMG_4326 Then it was back to the trailhead along a different trail making it a loop hike.  We like those better than just having to travel the same exact trail back out.  The views of the mountains surrounding us were equally incredible on this trail too.  IMG_4346 And as we were hiking along, we heard something over in the brush and who should we see but a Mama Moose and her little baby!!  Look at that cute little face!!!!!!!


Mom was always close by though to protect.  We stood there watching for at least a half hour or so.  Gotta love watching the wildlife!!!!  IMG_4410 So, we’ve had another great day off hiking around!!!  Happy Trails!!


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