Gros Ventre Wilderness Area

We took a trip out to the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area which is south of Grand Teton National Park by about 40 miles or so. We were heading out to take a hike to Granite Creek Falls. As we turned off of the main highway and into the wilderness area, we realized how beautiful it was!! IMG_4147The dirt road was a very rough one, especially with our truck, but the views along Granite Creek was well worth the trip!



Due to confusing information in our hiking book, it took us a little while to figure out exactly where the trailhead was, but we finally did. We took off on our journey to see the waterfall. IMG_4165The views of the Gros Ventre Range were still incredible!! This is Pyramid Peak right in front of us as we cross through the brush and wildflowers.

And then we traveled through a meadow area where Granite Creek flows peacefully through. IMG_4176The valley through here was so beautiful! And the mountains above were also incredible. IMG_4177All of a sudden we turned around a corner in the trail and saw this guy looking down at us. What a cute face!! IMG_4185We continued down the trail where the creek seemed to be more filled with water as it traveled over the rocks. IMG_4191

We kept on hiking and then got to this little waterfall. We both agreed though, this did NOT look like the picture in the hiking book!! IMG_4199

It was very pretty and all, but after a bit of discussion, we decided to keep hiking and hoping for bigger and better. We were not let down at all!! IMG_4211This photo doesn’t really do it any justice. It was large enough that I couldn’t get it all in one photo from where we were. It was amazing to look at though!!

And then the REAL surprise came! We could have driven all the way to this magnificent waterfall! All we had to do was drive a few more miles past the trailhead!!! IMG_4227Oh well. We enjoyed the hike anyway!! After a while, we turned around and hiked our way back. The views were still astounding! IMG_4237 And the wildflowers along this hike were gorgeous!!! IMG_4246And I know I did this in another blog, but I got even better wildflower pics on this hike, so for those of you who enjoy photos of flowers, enjoy this new album.

Another great day in the mountains!!


  1. Did you try to find the little hot spring at the base of the falls? Don't. We waisted about 2 hours trying to find it, and when we did, it was just a little trickle of hot water coming into a pool 3" deep. We walked all around it 3 times without knowing that was it. Granite Falls is amazing though!


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