More Lakes to Hike to

Okay, I’m still trying to catch up on blogging about our hikes.  We made an amazing hike to a few more lakes, but this time they were in neighboring Bridger-Teton National Forest.  It was a beautiful drive through the Togwotee Pass (pronounced toe-go-tee) which is located on the Continental Divide in the Absaroka Mountains.  IMG_4430It looked just a bit different driving over the pass this time compared to back in May when we were arriving in the area!! 7.Driving.over.pass.2.Tetons.05.03.10We had to take a dirt road back along Brooks Lake Creek to get to the trailhead.  IMG_4442 Then we finally arrived at Brooks Lake which is where we began our hike.  IMG_4457This entire area was just so beautiful!  And all of the wildflowers that were blooming just added to it all!!  IMG_4459I love this Monument Plant (Frasera speciosa) that was along the trail.  It’s green flowers were so fascinating!  IMG_4474 IMG_4470

And the views of the volcanic pinnacles above were beautiful.  We completely fell in love with this area.  IMG_4492After a few miles, we arrived at Upper Jade Lake.  It was just so gorgeous!  The deep green waters of the lake were incredible!  IMG_4533 IMG_4541

Then we hiked further down the trail to Lower Jade Lake.  Apparently, this lake is visited much less often the Upper Jade Lake.  Don’t know why because although it lacks the volcanic cliffs above it, the lake was very much just as beautiful.  This is where we sat and ate our lunch.  Nice place to eat and take in the view!  IMG_4555One thing we really enjoyed was the fact that we were the only ones at each of the lakes.  Made for some quiet nature-time.  We chose to make our hike a loop hike instead of just returning the same way we came in.  The views were still incredible along this trail too.  IMG_4571 IMG_4584 And then as we were getting closer to reaching the trailhead again, we were treated to a show put on by a Mama Grizzly and her two cubs.  We sat and watched them for quite some time before resuming the trek back to the truck.  IMG_4636What a way to end the trip!!!  Another outstanding day hiking in the area!!!!


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