Another great hike!

About a week and a half ago, we took a hike around Phelps Lake.  I was going to skip this hike on the blog since I’m behind and we just finished up our backpacking trip, but the views were so beautiful that I just had to share! 

There are a few trailhead choices to begin this hike from.  We chose to start ours from the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve. The property originally had been purchased by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. in 1932, and served as the Rockefeller family's summer retreat for nearly 70 years.  He believed that areas of great natural beauty such as the Grand Tetons have the power to restore and sustain the human spirit.  I think I agree with him!!  This is a view towards the Tetons from the preserve.  IMG_0264This is Lake Creek which comes out from Phelps Lake and travels through the Preserve.

IMG_0137We hiked along the Woodland Trail out to Phelps Lake and this was our first view of this magnificent glacier-formed lake.  IMG_0141

It is the fourth largest lake in Grand Teton National Park and its deepest point measures 161 feet.  IMG_0142

The trail around the lake wasn’t too bad either!  Once we were actually on this trail going around the lake, we really didn’t meet too many people on the trail, which is a treat for us.  IMG_0148 Across the lake at its northwest corner is the mouth of Death Canyon.  The walls of this canyon are composed of some of the oldest exposed rock in Tetons.  Some of it has been scientifically dated to be at least 2.5 billion years old.  IMG_0157

The color and clarity of the water in so many of the lakes up here are just amazing!  This lake was no different.  I took this picture while standing on Jumping Rock which forms a natural diving board into the lake, but no, we did NOT jump into the lake!!IMG_0164Along the north shores of the lake is a beautiful beach area where there were many people swimming and playing around.  We didn’t bring along any suits or even knew about this area, so needless to say, we did not partake in the cold water.  IMG_0166As we arrived at the mouth of Death Canyon, we saw the other end of Lake Creek coming into the lake instead of leaving it.  This little waterfall was tucked up into the canyon.  IMG_0186Later in the hike, we took a little side trip out to Huckleberry Point, where the Huckleberries were just beginning to ripen.  Looking across the lake towards west, we could see the mouth to Open Canyon.  IMG_0215As we returned back to the trail, we were being yelled at by this little guy!!  He sure is cute!  I have always loved the chattering that squirrels make when they decide to holler at me.  IMG_0222

Closer to the end of the hike, we came across this boardwalk across this meadow area.  Looked like the perfect place for a moose to be hanging out, but no such luck for us!  Still pretty to look at.  IMG_0227We also got to check out this beautiful flutterbutt along the side of the trail.  I always feel so lucky when they decide to sit somewhere long enough for me to get photos like this!!  IMG_0239We stopped on the way back to the truck to check out the visitor center and found it fascinating!  It includes a room where they rotate nature videos over four different screens that just constantly change, and they have benches where you can just sit and enjoy the videos as they play.  And they a room where you can just sit and listen to many, many sounds that come from nature in the Tetons including waterfalls & rivers, and all kinds of different animals found in the area.  Very, very cool!!!  And a pretty nice front porch to hang out on and relax!!  IMG_0261Our three day backpacking trip will be the next blogs so come back soon!!  Happy trails!


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