Backpacking in the Tetons – Day 1

So, on our last “weekend” we took an extra day off and hit the trails for a 3-day backpacking trip.  It began by taking an aerial tram up the mountain in Teton Village.  The Cable to the Sky carries you 4,139 vertical feet in 9 minutes to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.IMG_0276 The views from the top are amazing!  IMG_0299 IMG_0303 So off we headed down the trail hiking towards Cody Peak.  IMG_0304 The trail continues around and to the back side of Rendezvous Peak.  IMG_0316 After hiking down, of course, at some point you have to go back up.  IMG_0324 As we continued, the wildflowers were incredible!!  As many of you know about me, I love wildflowers!!  Two of my favorites are Indian Paintbrush & Lupines!  They were everywhere!!  IMG_0334









After a while, we turned onto the Teton Crest Trail and into the Middle Fork of Granite Canyon.  More beautiful views!!  IMG_0364We found our first night’s resting place and went to set up camp.  As we were setting up the tent, all of a sudden, we realized that there was water coming out from Sal’s pack.  It took us a while to figure out that it was coming from his camelback bladder that we had just filled down at the creek.  The connection to the hose he drinks out of had come loose and the entire bladder had drained into his pack, so then we were frantically taking everything out of his pack before it all got soaked!!  Then he had to hang his sleeping bag, some clothes, etc., out to try to dry.  Even the toilet paper got all wet!!  It’s all part of the experience, right?IMG_0375After doing all we could there, we decided to head out for a little day-trip to Marion Lake a couple more miles up the trail and hoped for the best even though it had begun to thunder around us. 

Here is the view from above looking back down towards where we set up camp.  The Middle Fork Creek is winding through the valley below.  Our camp is just shortly on the other side of the creek within a grouping of trees.  IMG_0377 As we continued, there were more incredible wildflowers!  I just couldn’t believe them all!!  IMG_0394 IMG_0386

All of a sudden, I saw some movement over to the side of the trail, and this little Golden-Mantled Squirrel was there watching me.  He apparently wasn’t camera shy because he gave me quite a few different poses for portraits!  IMG_0390

We finally arrived at Marion Lake.  It was definitely worth the hike!  It was gorgeous!!  IMG_0421After hanging out there for a while, we figured we better get back to camp since it was thundering pretty loudly by this time.  And then it began……….it rained.  And rained, and rained harder!!  We got to a place where we could sit under a grouping of trees to ride out the storm.  So there we sat and watched it rain.  IMG_0426We waited for about a half hour or so and then made it back to camp.  What an amazing way to start the trip!!!  Pics from day 2 coming next!  Happy trails! 


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