Mormons, Birds & Moose

Okay, so I’m still trying to catch up on blog posts. It’s hard to sit down for very long at the computer when there is so many fun things to see and do all around us!!

So on our last “weekend,” we had, what I like to call, a quiet day. Which basically means, no hiking! It was an awesome day though. Instead of hiking, we went and visited an area here in the Tetons called Mormon Row. The buildings here tell a story of a once vibrant community. The first Mormon families came to settle here in the late 1890’s using the Homestead Act of 1862 which promised 160 acres to any person willing to build a house & cultivate the land for 5 years. Now no one can say that they didn’t enjoy a nice view while they took care of business. :-)7.Moulton.Homestead.Mormon.Row.08.03.10 The barns were the centerpiece of each family’s homestead. They housed cows and horses, while hay and ninety-day oats in the fields. IMG_0059 IMG_0040Traditional log cabins provided basic shelter against harsh weather. Over time, with increased prosperity, the simple log cabins were replaced with more modern houses. Some families even ordered their new homes directly from the Sears & Roebuck Catalog! IMG_0064It felt strange walking around what used to be homes to families that left in a hurry. While looking around we found old shoes and old washing machines & even a dish washer that had just been thrown aside, probably because it wouldn’t fit. IMG_0051 IMG_0053We decided to check out the inside of one of the barns before we left and this is what we found! IMG_0048Of course, parent Magpies were hanging around outside, and doing a whole lot of yelling at us!! Sal tried to keep them at bay outside, while I was taking pics inside the barn. IMG_0057After enjoying all the history along Mormon Row, we headed over to a small community called Teton Village. We drove over a road called Moose-Wilson Road, which we’re technically not supposed to drive over due to the size of our truck, but we try really hard not to ever let that stop us!!! Anyway, along the way we spotted this Osprey nest with Mom & baby inside. Unfortunately, the babe wouldn’t cooperate for a photo. IMG_4871Here’s Teton Village, which is a ski resort in the winter. During the summer, they still have one lift carrying mountain bikers up part of the mountain so that they can ride the trails down. And then they have another Aerial Tram to the very top where people can walk around up top and/or hike down from there.


We also went to the village so we could try out the food at the Mangy Moose. We heard from multiple people that it was pretty good. As you walk towards the restaurant, we saw all these old skis up on the walls. It was very cool to check them out and see how much they’ve changed over the years! IMG_0074Some of the decorations inside definitely showed off the name of the joint! IMG_0080The food wasn’t too bad either! We enjoyed our lunch, or as I call it, linner since the meal served as both our lunch and dinner. In any case, we had a great time and enjoyed another wonderful day in the Tetons!!! Happy trails!


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