Backpacking – Day 2

I started this post immediately after finishing up the post for Day 1, but unfortunately got a bit sick, so sorry for the delay.  Here goes …..

The morning sunrise on day two was beyond beautiful!!  I went out to find a place to go to the bathroom and this is what I got to look up at.  IMG_0428And then I happened to glance over to the right down to where the creek was and there stood two moose walking through the willows.  What an amazing way to start the day!!  Unfortunately, by the time I finished my business (if ya know what I mean) and grabbed a camera, the moose were out of sight behind some trees. 

So, we ate some great corn cakes for breakfast and packed up and hit the trails for our toughest day of the trip.  Here’s a pic of the creek close to our first night’s camp and where the moose had been hanging out earlier.  IMG_0432 At first, the hike wasn’t too difficult.  It was all very beautiful!!  IMG_0362 IMG_0476 IMG_0488

After a few miles, we turned onto the Open Canyon Trail which headed up and up and up towards Mt. Hunt Divide.  The views were still amazing but the hiking did get a bit tougher.  IMG_0505

We just kept going.  Some of it was in totally open areas where the sun just beat down on you and other areas took us through the woods where the breeze felt oh so good!!  We got a glimpse of this baby moose between some trees at one point.  We kept hiking thinking we were going to get a better look at it, but we couldn’t see it again.  Sure was a cute thing though!!!!  Never saw Mama Moose at all.  IMG_0514 We continued up and up.  All of a sudden, we saw something up on the hill and once we used binoculars we could make out that it was actually the top of the Tram that we rode up from Teton Village.  Wow!  We really did hike a ways!!!  We came down from there and over to the left of the photo down into the canyon and then over into the canyon we’re hiking in now!!!!IMG_0523 Here’s the close up view we saw through the binocs.  IMG_0521

The views continued to be amazing while we hiked!  It was just so awesome to be out in nature without other people around where we could just hear all the birds singing.  We even got to watch and listen to a couple of Bald Eagles on this day!  IMG_0547I tried, but had a tough time depicting it in photos, but our day consisted of hiking into and then back out of a series of at least a half dozen side canyons.  IMG_0559And at times, it felt just a bit precarious along some of the slopes if you looked down while walking.  Definitely have to pay attention!!!  IMG_0564Some of the side canyons had had some rock slides in them.  Not sure how recently, but as long as we didn’t hear any coming down at us, we figured we were okay.  IMG_0579After a while we could see down into the valley.  We were even able to see the Jackson airport.  At first we thought we were looking down into Teton Village, but not so we discovered.  IMG_0588As we got higher and higher in elevation, the wildflowers were amazing again!!  IMG_0591 And then we did it!!!!  We arrived at the Mt Hunt Divide FINALLY!!!!  Sal was extremely happy!!!  I have to admit that I wasn’t too unhappy myself!!  IMG_0607After going up and over the Divide, we entered into Open Canyon which we found to be incredible!  The views were so amazing!!  IMG_0626From some of the trail we could see Phelps Lake below!  IMG_0627Across the Canyon we could see this beautiful waterfall cascading down!  We could hear it all the way across the canyon too!   IMG_0633As we continued down the canyon, we saw this Cassin’s Finch (Carpodacus cassinii) and it’s mate, or at least who wanted to be mates, playing around in the trees.  IMG_0644-Cassin's Finch.Carpodacus cassiniiA little while after that, we finally found a place to rest our weary heads.  It was a long, tough day!  But an amazing day!!!  We enjoyed it so very much!  Day three to follow soon!!


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