Backpacking – Day 3

After a good night’s sleep, we got to see another beautiful sunrise on the canyon walls above us!!  IMG_0652The night before we were convinced (for a while) that the trail would lead us close enough to the creek in the bottom of the canyon, but no such luck.  We could hear it most of the time, but we remained high above it.  So when we finally stopped for the night, we needed to think about how we wanted to use the water we had.  So when morning hit, we each had a cup of coffee and ate dry snacks before hitting the trail.   We knew later in a little while we would be crossing the creek so we’d eat better later.  So off we went! 

The views continued to be amazing!  We hadn’t seen a soul on the trail the day before, and we were so enjoying the time in nature!!  IMG_0665 IMG_0666 More waterfalls on the other side of the canyon!!IMG_0668 More wildlife to entertain us!!  IMG_0674Then we finally arrived at the creek crossing.  Time for more coffee and a GOOOOOOD breakfast!!!  First we enjoyed the scenery!!!  IMG_0685  IMG_0682


Then we got down to eating!  We had some outstanding coffee and some really good granola with milk & blueberries.  Yuuummmmm!!  IMG_0692Sitting here along the creek and looking around at all of the amazing scenery was incredible!!  This is what it is all about!!   IMG_0697After a while, we finally got our stuff back together and headed further down the trial.  We had a few more creek crossings.  IMG_0703Most of the rest of the hike out wasn’t too bad.  we still didn’t meet up with anyone else until after we joined up with another trail that a lot of dayhikers used too.  We continued to have beautiful views!  IMG_0713 We came across this interesting tree that had some woodpecker work done to it.  It was way cool!!!   IMG_0714Continued to have some more beautiful creek crossing too.  IMG_0735 IMG_0747And then finally we could see Teton Village below us.  By this time, we were both ready to finish the trip.  Sal was using his imagination to think about the ice cold beer he was going to have when we got there to keep him going!!  IMG_0757And trust me!!  The beer was very much worth it all!!  IMG_0767It really was a great backpacking trip!  We both enjoyed it very much!!   Happy trails everyone!!  Thanks for coming along with us so to speak. 


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