Cascade Canyon – A Favorite

Cascade Canyon is one of my favorite places here in Grand Teton.  I say one of, I have MANY!!  But I do love this canyon!  We decided to hike up the canyon on one of our last days off of work.  You can either hike around Jenny Lake to get to the trailhead or you can take a shuttle boat across.  We chose the latter so we could have more time in the canyon itself.  IMG_0848After getting off the boat, the trail leads you up Cascade Canyon Creek, which is an amazing creek that is so peaceful along the way.  IMG_0856 As you continue up the trail, you arrive at Hidden Falls.   A beautiful waterfall!  IMG_0866After the falls, you can continue up the trail for another half-mile to arrive at Inspiration Point.   It is a pretty inspiring view!!!  Below is Jenny Lake.IMG_0990After Inspiration Point, the trail starts back up the canyon itself.  The views are amazing!  In this photo, the mountain on the far left is Teewinot and on the right with all the snow on it is Mt. Owen, with the Grand Teton being in the middle behind the other two.  IMG_0871

Shortly after starting up the trail, we came across a couple of cute Mule Deer so close to us that we could have reached out and touched them.  IMG_0892The fall colors were starting all the way up the canyon.  I know it’s not Vermont or Maine, but it’s still pretty anyway!  IMG_0898



The trail continues to parallel the creek along the way.  I still can’t believe how clear the water is here!!!  IMG_0903

  The mountains continue to tower above.  Cascade Canyon is just such a beautiful place!!  IMG_0914










All of a sudden we noticed this waterfall off to the side.  It was coming down from the snowfields up on Mt. Owen.  IMG_0949 Everywhere you looked, you would just see more beautiful views!!  IMG_0956

And at one point, the canyon views open up to let you see all the way up to the end.  IMG_0982Shortly after this photo was taken, we turned around and hiked back out.  We had to get back in time to catch the last shuttle boat across the lake.  The hike back was just as enjoyable as the hike out was.  The creek was still so soothing to look at along the way.  IMG_0980 They steer you down a different trail at the very end to get you on the other side of the boat dock.  This trail leads along a different part of the creek.  Here it cascades over a lot of rocks and drops down into a small gorge.  IMG_1014 What a great hike!!  I love Cascade Canyon!!  This might have to be our last hike in the park for the season.  I’m going to miss this place after we leave. 


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