Misc Update 09/13/2010

Well, things have slowed down a bit in the park, but only by a little.  We’ve slowed down as the end of the season prepares as well.   A few weeks ago, we went on a great whitewater rafting trip with a bunch of the kids I worked with!  They have actually all left too so they could head back to school etc.  They are really great kids too, so I really miss them!!  Anyway, as you can imagine, we weren’t allowed to take along cameras at all, so I didn’t get photos of the beautiful canyon wall scenery that we got to see.  They did have photographers sitting up on top of a tall rock so they could snap everyone’s picture as you got ready to go over Big Kahuna Rapids.  Of course, they offered them for sale at a local shop.  They did turn out pretty good though, so the group purchased some and then they made the rounds being scanned.  scan001






We completely lucked out with an amazingly beautiful day with warm temps, blue skies, and happy times!!!!






I can’t even begin to explain how much fun we had!  What a great perk for the summer job!!


It’s hard to believe when you look at the photos above, but just recently the weather has started to cool down towards fall.  A few days ago, we had two full days of rain and even a strong possibility of snow!  Luckily for us, the s-word didn’t make it to this elevation, but it sure did make the mountains gorgeous!!!!  This is what Mount Moran looked like at first light after the two days.  This is actually looking out our kitchen window before we left for work.  IMG_0779Then as Sal was driving me to the campground to drop me off, I asked if we could stop by the marina to take some more pics.  The fog was still sitting at the base of the mountains, but there was more sitting right over the water too.  It was so beautiful and peaceful!!!!  IMG_0786As I stated earlier, things have begun to slow down at least a little in the campground.  So I took some time yesterday and walked a trail that left out of one of our group campsites.  I was told in the beginning of the season that the trail led out to “some small pond or something,” not that anybody who was telling me this had actually walked it!  Anyway, my curiosity finally got the better of me and the group sites are done for the season, so I thought, “perfect time to check it out.”  Well, let me say this!  The trail led down to a remote section of a small bay along the edges of Jackson Lake.  It was definitely not “some small pond.”  It was so pretty!!  I so wish that I had figured all this out earlier in the season!!  IMG_0808It just looks like the perfect place to kick back, pull up a towel, lay down, and R-E-L-A-X!!!!  IMG_0809The view from within the campground was amazing as well.  The new snow on the mountains was just incredible!  I could stand to camp there, what about you?  IMG_0800We’re hoping for a couple of nice days now as we begin our days off.  We’ll hope for the best and maybe get a day of hiking in while we’re off.  Check back again for more pics!!  Happy trails everyone!! 


  1. Wonderful, wonderful post, Bobbie. So enjoyed the fabulous photos as well. Where to next? Where will you winter?

  2. Thanks Bobbie! We are going to take some time off and head to Alabama to see my parents for a while. Then we'll head to Park City again, but only for part of the season. We can't give up that free skiing!! At least not yet. ;-) Have fun at Amazon!!


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