Getting to Nashville

Well, it seems we finally got the truck fixed as it should be!  We spent a couple of nights in Lincoln, Nebraska taking care of it, and then finally got back on the road south!  We continued through Illinois and into Missouri and through St. Louis.  We took the requisite pictures while driving by. 


And then I won’t bore you with all the photos, but I still found it interesting that we crossed over four major rivers in one day!  We traveled over the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers.  Here’s the latter of the four as we crossed over the bridge.  18.Tennessee.River.Kentucky.10.14.10Our next stop was a stay in Nashville, TN.  We were really looking forward this!  We got all parked in the Nashville Country RV Park, and I even hesitate to put the full name in this blog because I’m NOT trying to promote them.  I am not including a link to a website or anything, because although the park itself was nice enough the manager was anything BUT nice!  And we even gave her multiple opportunities.  So, just be aware before you arrive. 

Anyway, on to better subjects!  We got ourselves all set up and headed into town!  First, it took us quite some time to find a place in a city like this to park our big ole truck!  We finally did though and walked down to the river that had done so much damage not so long ago.  The floods of April/May earlier this year was still very apparent in many locations.  But on this day, the Cumberland looked beautiful!!  12.Cumberland.River.Nashville.TN.10.15..10While we were standing there enjoying the view, we heard some hoopin’ and hollerin’ behind us to turn around and see this Pedal Tavern going by!  And yes, they really did need to all pedal to get the contraption to move on down the road!!  8.Nashville.Pedal.Tavern.10.15.10As we walked around the historic part of Nashville, we came across a small museum filled with items from the Charlie Daniels Band.  This big guitar was pretty cool!  14.guitar.Charlie.Daniels.Museum.10.15.10And it was very interesting to see all that he and his band have done to help support our troops serving overseas.  They had interviews playing on TV monitors that showed him doing all kinds of concerts and benefits for them.  And then we saw these items given to him that showed just how much his intentions were appreciated.  17.Charlie.Daniels.Museum.10.15.10 It was very moving to see. 







18.banner.Charlie.Daniels.Museum.10.15.10After finishing our visit here, we moved on the Honky Tonk area of town to see if we could find any great music to listen to.  We were definitely not let down!!  We spent much our night here at the Whiskey Bent Saloon listening to Michael Scott, who was a great show!!  And then he had his friend, 13 year old (Yes, I said 13 years old!) Daniel join him on stage to play, or should I say make sing, his guitar!  It was AMAZING!!!!!!  He definitely has a great future in his plans!!23.Daniel.Michael.Scott.Whiskey.Bent.10.15.10We then moved further down the street to the famous Tootsies, which is located directly behind the Ryman Auditorium where the Grand Ole Opry used be located.  During that time, some stars such as Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings used to cross the alley between the two to catch a drink or two between sets.  Imagine that!!  The place was P-A-C-K-E-D!  I mean, packed like neither Sal or I had seen before!!  IMG_1314The music was still pretty good, but we actually enjoyed Michael Scott better, but we were also entertained with a Dallas Cowboys player singing up on stage along with the band!  We both recognized his face, but have yet been able to remember his name.  So if any of you reading this can come up with it, please let me know!  It still definitely added to all the fun!!IMG_1309We had an incredible first day in Nashville!!  Definitely more to follow so check back soon!!!!!


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