Preparing to Roll Down the Road

Well, we’ve been winding things down to the very end.  The campground that I’ve been working at closed down a week ago and since then, I’ve been helping out with retail inventory.  Got talked into that one!  Sal’s been busy doing all the last minute items they require to close everything down for the winter.  We will be leaving Grand Teton National Park this next Saturday.  We are excited!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, we have had an amazing summer!!  But it is time for the season to end and look forward to new things!!

The manager from the campground took everyone out to dinner that worked for him this summer.  Kind of one at a time though.  He took Sal and I out to dinner to a place called Heart 6 Ranch.  Actually, he took everyone here.  The view from the place was very pretty.  6.Buffalo.Valley.from.Hart6.Ranch.09.19.10You can see the silhouette of the Teton Mountains in the background.  The Heart 6 Ranch is actually a dude ranch.  The inside of the place is way cool too.  Of course they’ve got the typical trophy room to entice all the hunters to visit and stay here.  10.Inside.Hart6.Ranch.09.19.10 They also had some other entertaining rooms around.  This one had tons of hats hanging from the ceiling and boots hanging across the back of the walls.  13.Inside.Hart6.Ranch.09.19.10 And I can only imagine the warmth that must come out of this fireplace in the middle of a snowstorm outside.  17.Inside.Hart6.Ranch.09.19.10It seems like a pretty cool place and the food was also pretty good.  We had a really good time with Tim & Wilda too. 

Since the number of visitors to the area has decreased, the wildlife seems to be reappearing more often.  This beautiful buck was hanging up the hill from me the other day.  1.Mule.Deer.Buck.CBVCG.09.19.10After our last hike up Cascade Canyon, I told Sal we should venture up Signal Mountain to go looking for bears that have been hanging around in that area.  We weren’t disappointed either!!  Check out these pics of the mama Black Bear along with cub.  29.Black.Bear.&.Cub.Signal.Mtn.Rd.09.21.1026.Black.Bear.Signal.Mtn.Rd.09.21.10 













Isn’t that a cute little face?!?!?!  As you can tell, I had a tough time getting a good picture of the cub, but it sure was fun trying and watching them!!!!

The view down the mountain looking into the valley below was worth the drive up as well.  That’s the Snake River winding through.  1.View.Signal.Mountain.Rd.09.21.10As I almost always do when the end of a season approaches, I started getting sentimental the other day.  As I walked down to the campground for the last time this summer, I paused to take a couple of photos of the incredible view that I’ve had every day on my way to work.  You can just barely make out Jackson Lake through the trees.  IMG_1067 I also took some time to enjoy the quietness of the campground while it wasn’t full of people.  The fall colors were beautiful to see.  IMG_1070  IMG_1076And then over just the last few days the fall colors have become even more amazing!  Especially down near Oxbow Bend.  IMG_1096IMG_1095 












Well, the season really is coming to an official close.  We even have an end-of-season party to go to tonight!  They closed the Jackson Lake Lodge just earlier today.  We’re really looking forward to our trip though.  We’re headed east towards Alabama & New York to see family.  And we’ve got a few exciting things planned for along the way.  Check back again soon!!

Happy Trails!


  1. The fall color photos are great. Will you be returning there next year? We are going to SKP park in Summerdale, Alabama early January. When are you going to Alabama?

  2. We should arriving there later this month and will be leaving in early to mid-December. By early January, we will already be in Park City, UT. And yes our plans, at this point, have us returning here next summer.


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