Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

On another day in Nashville, we decided to check out the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.  We began our visit here by taking a tour of the Historic RCA Studio B.  It is a very, very cool place to visit.  You can feel the magic of this place when you step through the doors!  As you walk in, you’re met with photos of just a small portion of those who have hallowed these halls.  IMG_1395 This studio is one of the most significant recording studios in the world!  It is estimated that more than 35,000 songs were recorded here with about 1,000 of these becoming Top Ten Hits!  So much of the original equipment is all over the place!  IMG_1399

As you continue through the tour, you finally get into the Studio B itself where tons of amazing singers did their thing!  Its as if you could feel their presence in the room with you!  There were instruments still there in the room that were the same used by ALL that recorded in that studio that needed that particular instrument.  Such as this piano which had been used by NUMEROUS singers, including Elvis Presley!  How exciting!!!  IMG_1411Now, also in this studio, in the ceiling they had many of these sets of lights that had the four different colors.  Apparently, Elvis used to only turn on certain colors depending on the kind of and tempo of the song he was recording.  There was one song, Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, that he recorded in complete darkness.  IMG_1407They even still had the original baffles & dividers that they used to make the new “Nashville Sound” starting in the late 1950’s and early ‘60’s.  They wanted to try to smooth out some of the “rough” edges of country music by adding touches such as echo, string sections and choral background singers.  This was quite a successful new sound at the time and created many crossover hits.  IMG_1422The Nashville Sound both revived the popularity of country music and helped establish Nashville, TN as an international recording center.  After we finished up at Studio B, we headed back over to Museum.  All along the walls were all of these music posters that were created by Hatch Show Print, which was launched back in 1879.   It is one of the oldest letterpress print shops.  They were way cool!!  IMG_1428Honky-tonk singer Webb Pierce paid $20,000 to have this 1962 Pontiac Bonneville customized by Nudie, the first man to put Rhinestones on clothing.  Nudie was also the man that made the $10,000 gold lame’ suit for Elvis Presley.  The original custom car job included more than a thousand silver dollars inlaid in the upholstery.  IMG_1435They also had this  1960 Cadillac limousine, which is a personal favorite of Elvis Presley.  It is painted with 24-karat gold plate highlights and 40 painted coats of a translucent mixture of crushed diamonds and fish scaled called “diamond dust pearl.”  And the interior includes things such as a gold-plated TV and a record player with auto-changer!  IMG_1440And the number of gold and platinum records on the wall of the museum was just mind-blowing!  IMG_1448And then in the Hall of Fame itself, surrounded by plaques of all the members and the words above of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” you realize just how much it is all true here.  They overcame so much after the floods to get things back to “normal” and back open again.  It’s very cool to see!!  IMG_1449 For anyone who may be planning a trip to this area, I highly recommend checking out this awesome museum!  It really was so very much fun!! 


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