Elvis Has Left the Building

I’m still trying to catch up with my blog.  Sorry I’ve fallen a bit behind, but that’s just because we’re having too much fun in Alabama so I have less free time to write.  I’m getting there though!!

After we left Nashville, we headed over to Memphis before making our way south to Alabama.  We really wanted to see Graceland and figured we might as well check it out since we were in Tennessee.  IMG_1742 The house is beautiful!!  As you walk inside, immediately to your right is the living room.  The white sofa is 15feet long.  The music room is behind with the baby grand piano and old TV.    IMG_1647Also, as you enter into the house, directly in front of you, is this white staircase that leads upstairs where the public is not allowed out of respect for the Presley family who still returns to Graceland for visits and also to avoid any improper focus on the bathroom which is where Elvis died.  IMG_1652 Next, you walk past the dining room. IMG_1656

And then you move into the kitchen, which wasn’t opened to the public until 1995 because the last person to live in the house, Elvis’ Aunt was still using it until she passed away in 1993.  IMG_1664Next, you pass by the Jungle Room, which includes green carpet not only on the floor, but the ceiling as well!  There was also an indoor waterfall in the room!!  IMG_1680 Then we moved down into the basement to see Elvis’ media room where there were 3 TV’s because he liked to watch the news on all three of the major networks at the same time.  IMG_1672Across the hall from the media room is the billiards room.  This extreme wallpaper on the walls was also on the ceiling in here too!  There’s some crazy decorating in Graceland!!  IMG_1676Over in one of the other buildings, which is now called the Trophy Room, there was Elvis’ famous gold lame suit from his early years. IMG_1699And of course, there was also rows and rows on the walls of many of his gold & platinum albums, three of his Grammy’s and other awards.  IMG_1702After leaving the Trophy Room, the tour leads you to the Racquetball Court, which now houses a bunch of Elvis’s sequined jumpsuits.  As you enter, there is this sunken sitting area with this upright piano, which Elvis played the morning of his death.  There was a strange feeling about it all as you walked by.   IMG_1715

After this building, you pass by the pool and into the Meditation Garden which is where Elvis, his mother Gladys, his father Vernon, and grandmother Minnie Mae Hood Presley all lie buried.  IMG_1730Across the street, there was a car collection, which included Elvis’ Pink Cadillac among other vehicles owned by him.  IMG_1763And also on the property were his two planes.  One was a Lockhead JetStar that was mainly used by his manager.  IMG_1789The other was his Convair 880, which he named the Lisa Marie, after his daughter.  IMG_1782Included inside was a sitting area, a dining room, a bedroom, and at least a couple of bathrooms.  IMG_1797I really liked the tail fins on both of the planes where Elvis had this painted on them.  This TCB and the lightning bolt means “Taking Care of Business.”  IMG_1813After finishing up at Graceland, we headed downtown Memphis to Bealle Street.  IMG_1862

We walked around, listened to some music, ate some great BBQ, and just generally had a good time!  But of course, Sal being Sal, had to have some added fun.  IMG_1863No, he really didn’t get arrested or anything!  He was just messin’ around!  All of you who know him, I’m sure none of you are surprised at that!! 


  1. Seems absolutely "typical" Sal to those of us who love and miss both of you.


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