Time Flies By!!

I know I’ve heard it before, and read about it many times, but time really does seem to just fly on by!  And apparently, so my parents keep telling me, it gets worse the older you get!!  I don’t think I want to look forward to that!!  LOL! 

We are getting ready to leave Alabama and start heading west this Saturday, but it still feels like we just arrived!!  We definitely have had a wonderful time though!  I’ve already shared in an earlier blog some of the amazing places that we’ve eaten to try to get our fill of good ole southern cookin’ while we can!  But I would be remiss if I didn’t include one of our very favorite places to eat in Lower Alabama. 

It is the Original Oyster House.  There are two locations, this one in Gulf Shores where we normally go and one along the causeway to Mobile.    IMG_2041They have delicious crab cakes, red beans & rice, turnip greens, and hushpuppies!!  Love that southern food!!!  Anyway, the view’s not too bad either!!  IMG_2033And since I’m still talking about food and eating, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of fun, family, and friends!  It is indeed Sal’s favorite holiday because it’s all about the food too!!!!  We had our celebration a few days after the actual holiday, but it was indeed full of food.  Sal had to do his BBQ turkey!!  Yummmm!!!  IMG_2029 And, as it should be, it of course, included family!  Here’s a photo of my parents.  It was great to spend a holiday with them after all this time.  9.Parents.Grand.Hotel.11.14.10The day was also filled with TramStop, the cat doing tricks to try to get some turkey of his very own!!  8.TramStop.Alabama.11.02.10And then our own two little furry Babes ate theirs and gave in to the tryptophan and took naps!!IMG_2047We missed the kids though, but we’re looking forward to being with them for Christmas.  I still can’t believe how quickly our time here as passed!!  And we’ve done more than just eat while we’ve here.  We’ve played many a game of Mexican Train and spent some great time shopping and just hanging out.  Sal and I enjoyed the local fair in Pensacola where he just had to try the new craze!  It’s a Krispy Kreme Donut used as a bun for a hamburger!!  Oops!  How quickly I digress back to food!!!  It’s an RVer thing, I think. 

Anyway, I do love the sunsets in Alabama though!!    IMG_2044












Well, here is hoping this finds you all happy and healthy!  My next blog will be written while we’re on the road!  Happy trails to everyone!!!!


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