Travel Stop in Arizona & On To California

Okay so after we left Texas we continued to travel westward towards California.  Along the way, we made a stopover in Phoenix, AZ to visit our good friends Dave & Jeanene.  IMG_2190-1

Wow!  Who knew that Phoenix had so much to offer visitors?!?!  Okay, I’m sure a bunch of you knew it, but we didn’t.  First off, we headed to Matt’s Big Breakfast to get kind of a brunch to eat.  This place was amazing!!  And it was even visited and featured on the Food Network, and they had the markings to prove it.  LOL  IMG_2186The food was incredible!!  The place itself is extremely small!!  When you arrive, they have a pad of paper outside that you just add your name to and then you wait, but boy is it worth it!!!   So, if you ever find yourself in Phoenix, looking for a great breakfast or lunch (between the four of us, we sampled both!)  check out Matt’s Big Breakfast!!  IMG_2189After we all ate ourselves into oblivion, we went for a drive around town.  And then Dave drove us up to the top of South Mountain Park/Preserve.  It’s amazing to me that they have all of this land set aside in such a large city!!  The view down into the city was unbelievable!  IMG_2193 Then the views up into the hillside more was beautiful as well!  IMG_2196

On the way back down the mountain, we stopped at these old abandoned buildings at Scorpion Gulch.  I love to walk through places like this and try to imagine the people who. used to live here and stuff like that.  I’m sure the stories I make up in my own head never come close to reality, but it’s fun anyway!! 

Apparently, Scorpion Gulch was built as a home and store by William LunsfordIMG_2201.  I’m not sure exactly when it was built, but it was still in operation in 1966 when Lunsford was 75 years old!  He sold curious, Indian-made items, sodas, and candy. 




IMG_2203Later we went and had another great meal at a Mexican restaurant with some of their family.  We had a great visit and wished it could have been longer, but we had reservations we needed to keep in California.  And of course, we arrive there to one of the craziest rainstorms they’ve had in decades!!!!  Here’s the view we had out our back window when the weather broke to have a view that is!!  If you look real hard, you actually can see the ocean out there!!1.Vu.outside.back.window.SC.SP.12.20.10So, we arrived and readied ourselves the best we could for Christmas.  Sophie had to get in on the fun and “help” me wrap presents.  Yeah, right!!!!!  3.Sophie.helping.wrap.12.22.10We finally had a one-day reprieve from the rain on Christmas Eve and we did our best to take advantage of it even though we had to switch sites in the campground so we lost our great view (it was great once it cleared up)!!!!  1.View.outside.back.window.SC.SP.12.24.10Later on we met up with Matthew down near the San Clemente Pier to have a drink and enjoy the beautiful sunset!  7.Sunset.SC.Pier.Fishermans.12.24.10Someone else was obviously was looking forward to Christmas coming too.      10.Merry.Xmas.SC.Beach.12.24.10The next day we enjoyed our day with Matthew and his long-time girlfriend Camille in the morning.  3.Matt.Camille.Tree.12.25.10And then we had dinner with Michelle and her boyfriend, Polo. 20.Michelle.Polo.opening.presents.12.25.10We had a wonderful Christmas, as I sincerely hope ya’ll did as well!!  A few days later, we left for our winter job in Utah.  I know, I know, what the heck are we doing going TO the snow when we’re supposed to be traveling AWAY from the snow.  What can I say….. we love to ski!!!

Take care everyone!  Safe travels and have an INCREDIBLE NEW YEAR!!!  Lots of love & hugs to all!!!!!!!!


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