Travel Stop in Texas

So, we took off from Alabama about a week ago and hit the road west!  We had to move along at a quicker pace than we usually travel to get to California in time for our reservations at the State Park.  But we did plan ahead enough to visit some friends along the way. 

First off, we stayed a night in Mississippi after we left at a cute little RV Park in Kinder.  We arrived later than we usually like to, but we got a better look at the place early the next morning.  IMG_2061

After that, we headed to Texas to meet up with our good friends in Rockport, Texas.  Here’s the view of the Gulf that we had as we were heading into town.  IMG_2067

The reason we drove this way was to stop and see Mike & Jackie.  We worked with them while in Grand Teton last summer. IMG_2170They come down to Rockport in the winters and work a few hours a week for their site and that way they can be close to their kids for the holidays and such.  This was our first time down in this area of Texas.  They took us out for a little tour and we fell in love with the area!   The birds down by Gulf were fun to watch!  Check out these Pelicans that were sitting together along one wall.  IMG_2076Then we went further into town and stopped over at the Fulton Mansion.  It was built between 1874 and 1877 by  George Ware Fulton and his wife Harriet Smith Fulton.   For it’s time, it featured modern ventilation, heating, and plumbing systems.  It also had gas lighting.  It was closed the day we were there, so we weren’t able to check out the inside, but the outside sure was beautiful!  IMG_2083Next, we all headed over to Key Allegro, which is quite the little island community.  All the houses not only have driveways along the road, but they also have water driveways behind them.  IMG_2094And then we saw this place!!  There were people working on one wing of the place.  Beautiful!!!  IMG_2096One place that they were really trying to find for me was the house of the legendary country singer George Strait.   We did indeed find it.  From the roadside, you really can’t see much of the house over the fence, but check it out from the water side!!  The name of his boat is Day Money because that’s how much money he makes in one day!!! IMG_2110I kept looking for movement at the house, but saw none.  I admit it!  I was fantasizing about meeting George Strait while we were there!  I’m goofy like that!  I was lucky enough to get this great shot of this bird instead though!!  IMG_2102After we left Key Allegro, we headed down to this ferry and crossed over to Port Aransas.  IMG_2116Even though it was a very short ride on the ferry, we still got to see some dolphins swimming around during the trip!  IMG_2121And then we were greeted on the other side by these cute guys!   IMG_2162 Next we drove down along the beach, well actually, ON the beach!  Yep, you can actually drive right on the sand!!  In fact, you can also camp right on the beach at no cost!  Can you believe it?!?!  I think I’d be nervous about getting out of the sand when it was time to leave without getting stuck.  But it would still be very cool falling asleep to the sound of the waves!!  IMG_2137 We hung out down at the beach for quite a while.  It was so awesome!  The Great Blue Herons are so used to fisherman and people that they allowed us to get really close!!  IMG_2152Such a gorgeous bird to look at too!!  IMG_2155  This little guy was so adorable as well!!  IMG_2142After the beach, we all stopped to have a little lunch at WhatABurger.  They make a pretty good burger!!  This was my first visit to one of them.  Anyway, after we ate, we headed back to the RV Park.  We walked down to the Salt Lake that is right there.  The tide was way out at the time, but when it’s in, they fish and crab at this lake.  Pretty cool!!  IMG_2164I took this picture just to show how close the lake is to the RV Park.  It is literally just right there!!  If you’re ever down near Rockport, TX I highly recommend checking out Big D RV Park.  IMG_2168After this we just hung out with Mike & Jackie, played some pool, ate a wonderful homemade dinner and had a great time!    After leaving Rockport, we continued our trip westward.  For any of you who have traveled through the state of Texas know how barren much of it is.  We did pass by this cool feature though.  It’s called Table Top Mountain.  IMG_2183

Our next fun stop is going to be in Phoenix, AZ when we visit our other good friends Dave & Jeanene so I’ll put that in another blog.  Happy trails everyone!!


  1. Thanks for the photos and commentary about Rockport. That is our destination this winter also. We like Mississippi, so what was the name of the cute RV park in Kinder? Could you email me please?

  2. Just stumbled across your blog by accident. Love your pictorial of Rockport. Look forward to your AZ photos. My husband and I have a small RV Park near San Antonio, TX if you ever visit there stop by Hidden Valley RV and we'll give you a tour of our neck of the woods. Travel Safe


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