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Elvis & Tigers are Here!

We left the Black Hills in South Dakota and began heading towards Missouri.  We spent our first night back on the road from here in a Nebraska State Park just outside the town of Ogallala along Lake McConaughy.  We appeared to be the only ones there and we were well rewarded with this incredible sunset! 

This lake is Nebraska's largest reservoir with over 100 miles of shore line.  It is also 20 miles long, four miles wide and 142 feet deep at the dam.  It’s a beautiful area for sure! 
On our way south, we stopped in Chanute, KS and spent a couple of free nights in the City Park so we could take the tour at the Nuwa Hitchhiker factory.  It was very interesting and we really learned a lot!  I highly recommend taking the time to do this if you’re an RVer who finds themselves in this area. 
After our time in Chanute, we headed toward Branson, MO.  We first headed to Pea Patch RV Park which is a Passport America park there, and we had the very WORST experience we have had at an RV P…

Wind Cave, Custer and Crazy Horse

While we were hanging out in the Black Hills area of South Dakota, we decided to check out the Wind Cave National Park.  There are actually a couple of caves in the area that you can visit, this one and Jewel Cave National Monument.  After a group discussion, we settled on Wind Cave.  It is considered one of the world's longest and most complex caves.  It is different than any other cave that I have visited before.  It is considered to be a “dry cave” where most others that I’ve seen have been considered “wet caves.”  We found it to be a little less colorful and spectacular than other caves we’ve seen.  It doesn’t include stalactites and stalagmites that are so often associated with caves.  Instead Wind Cave has a formation called boxwork, an unusual cave formation composed of thin calcite fins resembling honeycombs.  Regarded as sacred by American Indians, the cave was not found by settlers until 1881, Jesse & Tom Bingham (two brothers), heard a loud whistling noise.  The sou…

The Black Hills of South Dakota

I know I’ve gotten a bit behind in my recent postings.  That’s because we were busy having lots of fun!  Not that we’re not now, but we are now settled in for a little bit, so I’m going to try to catch up.After we left Devil’s Tower, we all headed over towards the Black Hills in South Dakota.  For Sal and I, it was our first visit to this area.  The drive to Custer was a very pretty one.  We arrived at the French Creek RV Park in Custer, SD fairly early on a Sunday.  Dave had called ahead the evening before and talked with “Rock” who is the owner of the place, so we all just picked some sites and got settled, knowing that he was in church.  Well, “Rock” showed up with his gun on his hip after he got back from church.  He invited us all up to the office to fill out paperwork.  On the way though, he stopped outside and opened up a freezer while he told us about BBQ’s he does in the summer months and such.  Inside the freezer was a shelf full of different liquors and he wanted all of us …

Devils Tower National Monument

Since we had to put our last kitty, Scruffy, down after being quite sick, our other younger cat, Sophie, has been on her own.  She’s a very well-behaved cat who is very, very spoiled!  So, we’ve started to let her roam around in the truck, within reason, when we’re traveling.  She has gotten to the point where she expects it now!!  She loves watching out the window. 

We left the Tetons about a week ago, and we’ve been traveling with our good friends, Mike & Jackie, and Dave & Jeanene and we’ve been having a great time!!  We began our trip by stopping over at Devils Tower National Monument

You can see the huge stump-like formation, which rises around 1200 feet above the Belle Fourche River (pretty fork river), well before you arrive.  It inspired the imagination of the Indians.  They called it Mateo Tepee, which meant Grizzly Bear Lodge.  Near the visitor’s center they had this cool picture!

Nearby just outside of the park, you can see some red sandstone and siltstone cliffs…