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Sunsets and Snow

It’s not always easy for me to come up with things to talk about during our winter months when we’re working at Deer Valley.  I mean, in the summer, we’re always seeing new things and going different places.  Now, we spend our time going to work five days a week and then we normally go back on our weekends so we can ski on our own.  I’m going to try to do better this year though.  The other day as we were driving home from work though, we had to stop so I could take photos of this AMAZING sunset!!  It was so gorgeous!!!!  I also thought I’d share a few pics from Deer Valley itself from when we went skiing.  On our way to the resort, there was steam coming up off of the lake again.  I know I already posted a photo of this, but this time there was more steam than I’d ever seen and it was so cold, you could see the ice crystals in the air.  Beautiful!!!!  Once we arrived, we hit the slopes!  We had just gotten about 9 inches or so of new snow the day before, so we wanted to head out to a…

Our First Week

Well, we’ve completed our first week of work at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.  We also had our first couple of days off and so, of course, we went skiing!!  Yee!  Haw!!  It’s all about the skiing!!  The day before we actually started working though, we drove past the Jordanelle Reservoir to run our errands.  We are staying in an RV Park at the base of the dam itself.  It’s definitely a beautiful area!  The mist was coming up from the water! Just gorgeous!!The next day we started “training” for the job we’ve done for the last two years and last year we were even Lift Supervisors.  At least they only put us through that for a day instead of the three we were originally told we would have to do.  After work though, we headed into Heber City (the closest city to the RV Park) and off to the north side of the road was a herd of Elk just hanging out!!  Way cool, especially since it’s IN town!!  Gotta love the wildlife where EVER we travel to!!!!!!  Sal was watching through binoculars, so h…

Happy New Year from a New Location

So, as I already said, we left Southern California to make our way towards Park City, UT to work out the rest of the ski season at Deer Valley Resort. I’m not sure exactly what we were thinking!!!!!  Before we left, we had a great time over the holidays with family like we hadn’t been able to do in years.  We also took the time to visit with some friends while we were there too.  And then our last evening in San Clemente, gave us an amazingly beautiful sunset!!  We could see both Catalina and San Clemente Islands from the entrance to the campground.  We also had an incredible time on our last night in the the “SoCal” with a wonderful meal and a great time with the kids!!  Next, we headed towards Mesquite, NV and who knew!  We kinda got stuck for a few days!!!! Although we arrived in the area with great weather and views…..  Throughout our first night in Mesquite, the snow level came WWWAAAYYYYYY down low.  We ended up having to spend a few extra days in Mesquite waiting for the weathe…