Our First Week

Well, we’ve completed our first week of work at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.  We also had our first couple of days off and so, of course, we went skiing!!  Yee!  Haw!!  It’s all about the skiing!!  The day before we actually started working though, we drove past the Jordanelle Reservoir to run our errands.  We are staying in an RV Park at the base of the dam itself.  It’s definitely a beautiful area!  The mist was coming up from the water! Just gorgeous!!IMG_2379

The next day we started “training” for the job we’ve done for the last two years and last year we were even Lift Supervisors.  At least they only put us through that for a day instead of the three we were originally told we would have to do.  After work though, we headed into Heber City (the closest city to the RV Park) and off to the north side of the road was a herd of Elk just hanging out!!  Way cool, especially since it’s IN town!!  IMG_2393Gotta love the wildlife where EVER we travel to!!!!!!  Sal was watching through binoculars, so he got a better look overall and said that he counted 7 bucks in the herd!  Pretty amazing to see and watch!!  IMG_2399I did manage to take a few pics while I was working the other day at the top shack of one of the lifts.  It’s just such an incredible view from up top!!  IMG_2401Unfortunately, when Sal and I went skiing, although my intentions were good, I forgot to grab the camera to put in my coat pocket!!  I know!!  What the heck was I thinking?!?!  Anyway, I will leave you with another view from the top of one of the two lifts that I work at.  You can see the two lifts that Sal works at in the pic too.  IMG_2405I will try to do better next time with the photos, but at least this gives you an idea of where we’re working and Deer Valley area.  It is a bit chilly these days, but we do get a whole lot of free skiing to put up with it.  We’re also provided with coats and jackets that help with it all.  It’s still a very fun place to work and play!!  Take care everyone and hopefully better photos to come!!!! 

Happy New Year!!!!


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