Sunsets and Snow

It’s not always easy for me to come up with things to talk about during our winter months when we’re working at Deer Valley.  I mean, in the summer, we’re always seeing new things and going different places.  Now, we spend our time going to work five days a week and then we normally go back on our weekends so we can ski on our own.  I’m going to try to do better this year though. 

The other day as we were driving home from work though, we had to stop so I could take photos of this AMAZING sunset!!  It was so gorgeous!!!!  IMG_2430












I also thought I’d share a few pics from Deer Valley itself from when we went skiing.  On our way to the resort, there was steam coming up off of the lake again.  I know I already posted a photo of this, but this time there was more steam than I’d ever seen and it was so cold, you could see the ice crystals in the air.  Beautiful!!!!  IMG_2449Once we arrived, we hit the slopes!  We had just gotten about 9 inches or so of new snow the day before, so we wanted to head out to areas where we could ski in the fresh powder.  Last year is really the first time we decided to try to ski in the trees.   Right after a snowfall, this is the best places to ski because it is less crowded and you get much more powder to ski through, which is simply the best!!  IMG_2459After a while we moved over to another one of our very favorite places to ski after a fresh snow.  It’s called Hawkeye Glades and is more skiing through some trees.  All the tracks you see in this photo are from us with the exception of one!  It’s always fun being the first or close to the first one skiing through the snow!!  IMG_2472Here’s a couple of pics just to prove that we actually do really love to ski!!! IMG_2473












One thing I find amazing about Deer Valley that I’ve never seen before myself is the number of ski-in/ski-out places that there are to say.  There are a ton of condos and the houses along some of the runs are incredible!!!  IMG_2481This place is a spa & resort that it took them a few years to finish.  It is HUGE!!  It’s called the Montage Deer Valley.  We haven’t stopped by to check out the inside yet, but I hear it is incredibly beautiful and plush.  It sits way up high on one of the higher mountains of the resort.IMG_2475Another place right along the Deer Valley snow is down  at the base of the resort is the St. Regis Deer Valley.  It’s got a vernicular that will take you from the bottom to the top and vice-versa.  I’ve heard the view at night while going up or down is spectacular.  We’re hoping to check it out this season.  IMG_2493The place at the bottom, right next to the runs, is the Black Diamond Lodge.  I can’t imagine being able to stay in a place like any of these myself, but it sure is nice trying to dream about it!! 

Anyway, we ended our day with me talking Sal into coming down some of the moguls.  Sal wasn’t too happy about it, but he still did a great job coming down.  After a snow is the best time to try these.  I just want to try to keep learning new ski techniques.  IMG_2480Well, as for things to come: the World Cup competition will be coming to Deer Valley soon.  We’re looking forward to that! 

Take care everyone!!!


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