US World Cup Skiing

So, one perk we get for working at Deer Valley in the winter (besides free skiing) is that the World Cup Competition occurs there! We are lucky enough to go and watch competitions that compare to Olympic events! It is a very amazing thing to watch!!

They actually do part of the competition at a nearby resort, Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR). They do half-pipe competitions there. We weren’t able to go and watch this year, but we went on a previous year to watch and talk about amazing stuff!!!

Here’s what the half-pipe looks like that the skiers are coming down. IMG_1136 I would end up seriously hurt if I even attempted to do what these people do!!!!!!!!

They also had Slope Style Skiing at PCMR this year too, but we also weren’t able to attend that. We were really bummed that we couldn’t make it. My cousin’s son does this kind of skiing and is currently attending a school that is just for this. This is where skiers ski on rails and things like that.

We did go to the Ski Cross Competition though. This was the first time in four years that Deer Valley hosted this, so we were happy we could make it. We had seen this kind of skiing on TV, but never in person. It was very exciting!!!! And we also got to watch the building of the course. IMG_2508So, you can see in the pic some of the jumps and turns they go over along the way. Originally our plan was to hang out along one of these turns so I could get great photos, but unfortunately, Sal hurt his knee at work and wasn’t able to ski. So, the pics I got were from the finish line area. Check them out!!!!!IMG_2530

IMG_2531Later that night, we returned to watch the Freestyle Competition which was also a ton of fun!!!! I still can’t believe how high these people can jump!! First though, we watched as a bunch of the volunteers for the event prepared the snow for it. They use a bunch of shovels to dig down about two feet and sort of aerate the snow to make it soft for their landing. IMG_2571After that, a different bunch of volunteers ski-pack it down. They want it soft, but not too soft and this helps to keep it in the right place. IMG_2585I actually took videos of the Americans that participated it this event. Check them out in the other couple of posts!!! I took a bunch of pics too, but the videos show you better what we actually got to see. I couldn't figure out out to publish the posts here in the blog (after many attempts!!!!!), but if anyone knows what I might be doing wrong, please, feel free to give advice!!!!!

IMG_2630This is what the jump looks like during the daylight that they use for the Freestyle event. The women’s jumps are the shorter two on the far side of the photo and the three taller, closer ones are the ones that the men use for the competition. It was actually a Canadian that won the men’s event with a history-making moment! He did a very difficult jump and got a perfect score on it!! The announcer stated that in all the years he had been involved in this, he had never seen anyone get a perfect score with such a difficult jump! I had never seen such an amazing thing before!!!!

The next night was the mogul event. We have seen this before and had planned on attending again this year, but after working all day in extreme wind conditions, we decided not to stay around and hang out in the same conditions for longer. But, I still do have photos from the last time that we attended to give you an idea of the event. IMG_1265


It is a very cool event! It is duel mogels, so there is someone coming down each of the two sides and then they get down towards the end here, and they have a jump they need to complete. Very exciting!!

Sorry it took so long for another update from us, but I was having quite the bad time with the videos!! Hope you've enjoyed the US World Cup from our perspective too.

Take care and happy trails!!!!!! More pics to come!


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