Gorgeous Deer Valley

Flagstaff early 01.30.2011

Isn’t this a beautiful photo?? I wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t. It was taken by another Deer Valley employee for their facebook page. This is a sunrise photo at one of the lifts I used to work at.

A little while ago, they asked me to work a couple of days over at a different lift than I normally am assigned to. I jumped at the chance!

This other lift is smack in the middle of some of my favorite ski runs, so why not?! So, while skiing out to start my day, this is the beautiful view that I had. Isn’t it amazing???IMG_2601 Did you notice the steam rising up from the water? Great way to start the day!!!! Here are a few other views from the top of the lift. I took these a bit later in the day. Still incredible though! You feel almost as if you are on top of the world up there!! IMG_2605

IMG_2606Here’s a photo that shows what some of the houses in this area look like. They are all HUGE!! IMG_2609 This shot is looking down one of our favorite runs which is called Steins Way. It’s named after a famous skier named Stein Ericksen. There is even a lodge that sits immediately adjacent to Deer Valley Resort ski runs that is named after him too. He still skis here pretty often too. IMG_2611I took a few more photos from down at the bottom of the lift too just to show you what it’s like. It’s a really beautiful, peaceful area of the resort. All the runs that come down here except one are all expert runs, so the bigger crowds tend to hang elsewhere. IMG_2614

IMG_2616The lift that I was working on is called Mayflower Lift. This lift, along with quite a few others, and even some of the runs at the resort, are named after mines that used to operate in the area. There used to be a mine that operated in the canyon here below the lift. All that remain from the extensive mining activity in the canyon are mine dumps, rusting mining equipment, and deteriorating structures. IMG_2613Hope you enjoyed the small tour!


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