Provo Canyon Utah

The other day, we took a trip over to Orem to order Sal some new glasses and the way we usually take to get there is through a canyon named Provo Canyon. It’s a beautiful drive!! This is the view looking towards the mouth of the canyon from Heber City. 1.Looking.towards.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11 As you travel closer to the canyon itself, you get to Deer Creek Reservoir. We were surprised that it was still frozen. And then, even more surprised when we saw people out on the ice fishing! 2.Deer.Crk.Reservoir.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11

4.Deer.Crk.Reservoir.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11The ice didn’t look thick enough to us, but obviously they must know how to tell when it is or isn’t. Construction of the dam that creates the reservoir was started in May 1938 and completed in 1941. Here’s another pic of the reservoir with the beautiful mountains behind. 6.Deer.Crk.Reservoir.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11As you travel further south, you get into Provo Canyon itself. It is one of my favorite places in this area! 9.Provo.Canyon.View.03.11.11The canyon is large and surrounded by huge limestone cliffs on both sides. Some of the first people to inhabit the canyon were the Ute Indians, which the state of Utah was named after. The road through the canyon was finished in the summer of 1958. 12.Provo.Canyon.View.03.11.11I found out that Provo Canyon is the most well known ice climbing area in Utah. You can kind of see why when you look around at some of the canyon walls. Keep in mind that this photo was taken in the beginning of springtime, so much of the ice has already melted. Imagine what it must have looked like in January instead of March. area is called Stairway to Heaven to ice climbers. I borrowed a beautiful pic I found on the internet to show what it looks like when someone is actually climbing it. Can you believe this???!!!! Stairway to Heaven Another beautiful view in the canyon is Bridal Veil Falls. Legend has it that an Indian named Norita and a brave from a rival tribe, named Grey Eagle met and fell in love. They planned to meet near a streamlet high on the mountainside and elope to a land far away from both their tribes. On that fateful night, instead of her lover, Norita was confronted by braves from her own tribe. Fearing her lover had been destroyed she leapt from the high ledges. 16.Bridal.Viel.Falls.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11Mother Nature was touched by her wild beauty, and she caught up Norita’s streaming tresses and made from them a Bridal Veil of falling water. Here’s another pic I borrowed from the internet to show what this amazing waterfall looks like during the fall months. bridalfallAlso along the bottom of Provo Canyon, and where Bridal Veil Falls flows, is the Provo River. This is one of Utah’s Blue Ribbon flyfishing spots. 28.Provo.River.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11

The river was originally named the Timpanogotzis after the American Indian tribe living on its banks. Early settlers changed the name to Provo, after trapper Etienne Provost, for whom the city of Provo is also named. He is thought to be the first white man to explore Provo Canyon. 27.Provo.River.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11 Also in the canyon, you can see old railroad tracks. This was formerly part of a Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad branch line that connected Heber City to Provo. It was completed in 1899 and operated freight and passenger service until the line’s abandonment in 1967. 29.Provo.River.Provo.Cnyn.03.11.11Hope you enjoyed Provo Canyon. Like I wrote earlier, it’s one of my favorite places in this area. One of these days, we’ll have to visit it during a different season other than winter to check it out!

Happy Trails everyone!


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