Skiing Deer Valley

I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned it before or not, but Deer Valley has been voted the #1 Ski Resort in North America for the last four years in a row!  They treat their guests better than you can imagine and they are known for having some of the very best groomers in the US for their ski runs!  It is a great place to ski!!  And there are numerous stars and famous people who have houses adjacent or very close to the resort. 

There is one particular run that is very popular for skiers to take so that they can see all of the wooden carvings of animals that people have on their houses and decks.  Check these out!!  IMG_2640


IMG_2654I constantly get asked while working at the lift for directions on how to get to where all these carvings are.  It’s all pretty cool to see!!  These pics only show a small portion of all the carvings that are there.  In fact, some are as large as life-sized.  Ooops!  Sal snuck into this one!!!!!  IMG_2632

It is a really cool place to ski for other reasons too.  They have three different day lodges that serve food & beverages and have beautiful places to sit by the fireplace to warm up on cold days.  They also have a couple of places on the mountains themselves where you can stop to get a small bite to eat or a coffee or hot chocolate.  This is me in front of Snowshoe Tommy’s on Bald Mountain.  IMG_2625And as I’ve shown in other posts, the views from different mountain tops are simply amazing!!  Here’s a view from the top of Empire Mountain.  IMG_2659

We had a friend come and visit us from Wyoming a little while back.  Jeff is actually Sal’s supervisor in Grand Teton National Park and is also ranked #1 in Nastar Racing in Wyoming for multiple years.  Deer Valley has a small Nastar Course and Jeff and Sal just HAD to check it out!!  Here’s Sal on his trip down. 

And then here is Jeff on his trip down.  I did mention that Jeff knows what he’s doing, right????  Sal is, well…….Sal!  But we love him anyway!!!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the visit to DV.  We all had fun and hope you did too.  Stay safe everyone!!  Stay tuned for more updates!!! 


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