Getting To Grand Teton National Park

So, after our friends, Mike & Jackie, got their tire fixed, and their “check engine light” taken care of, and after we got our electrical system problems figured out and fixed, we finally all hit the road heading north again, leaving Colorado Springs, CO. 

We had an uneventful trip up to Cheyenne, WY where we stayed at Terry  Bison Ranch.  It’s a pretty cool place to stay; I blogged about it and posted photos of it here the first time we stayed.  The night of our arrival, the winds picked up to 60 mph and the next morning, the day we were supposed to leave, they were up to 70 mph!!  Needless to say, we stayed put in our sites!  We used the extra day to have a Mexican Train marathon and had a whole lot of fun!!  It was definitely much better than just sitting around and worrying about tipping over! 

We were able to leave the next morning though and took off towards Rock Springs.  It didn’t take too long before we got a glimpse of what could have happened if we hadn’t stayed put the previous day.  IMG_3296

We saw another travel trailer, or small fifth-wheel, that was broken to pieces so badly you couldn’t really figure out which it was!  Don’t know why people were in such a hurry as to travel in such dangerous circumstances, but it sure made us realize we made the right decision!! 

We continued up and over the pass along Elk Mountain.  Beautiful views!!  We knew we were in Wyoming once we started seeing all of the Pronghorn along the road!  All of a sudden, they were appearing EVERYWHERE!!  We hadn’t seen any in a long time, so we enjoyed seeing so many!    IMG_3323We traveled closer and closer to the Wind River Range.  IMG_3327Once we got to Rock Springs and arrived at the RV Park there, we found out that what used to be Good Sam park last year, was now a KOA park.  Since neither of us are KOA members, we really didn’t want to pay their price to stay the night, so we decided to move on up the road to an RV park in the small town of Boulder, WY.  We continued to see more and more Pronghorn along the way!!!  IMG_3331We were very glad we chose to drive the extra miles once we arrived at Highline Trail RV Park.  They were extremely nice!  The park was cute, clean, and the views were incredible!!  IMG_3342 IMG_3343And the sunset on the mountains was gorgeous!!  IMG_3344We all got a good night’s sleep and headed toward our final destination of Grand Teton National Park in the morning.  We couldn’t have asked for a better travel day!!  The skies were blue, no wind and not too many miles to travel!!  IMG_3356A lot of our day was along the beautiful Hoback River, also called the Fall River.  It is approximately 55 miles long and is a tributary of the Snake River.   The entire length of it is free flowing and unobstructed by any dams.  IMG_3365We finally arrived in Jackson and stopped at Smith’s to pick up last minute grocery items and fuel up before heading into the park.  As we were leaving town, we passed the Elk Refuge where many, many Elk were hanging out waiting for more snow to melt away in the higher elevations.  The migration of the Jackson Hole Elk is the longest herd migration of elk in lower U.S.IMG_3377After a little while longer, we finally got to see those amazing Grand Tetons in the distance!  They have a whole lot more snow on them than we’ve ever seen before!!!  At Oxbow Bend was another incredible view of the mountains!  IMG_3400As we got closer to what will be our home for the next 5 1/2 months, we had an amazing view of Mount Moran (12,605 ft).  It is named for Thomas Moran, an American western frontier landscape artist.  Several active glaciers exist on the mountain, but with this much snow, it’s hard to tell where they are!!IMG_3402 As you can see in the following photo, we arrived to quite a bit of snow still on the ground as we entered into the employee RV park.  IMG_3410So, we had to dig out both of our sites before we could try to settle in.  It took us a while, but we all worked together with our friends to dig out both of our sites so we could, at last, get parked!!  I took this pic a couple of days later to give you an idea of what it was like.  IMG_3528Unfortunately, both Sal and Mike had to start working the very next day after we arrived.  The repairs and wind from earlier in the trip put us back a couple of days in our schedule, so we lost their “cushion” days.  Jackie doesn’t start for a little while and I have even more time before I start so, the two of us made plans to go wildlife searching.  Stay tuned for more blogs and photos!  Happy Trails!


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