Spring is Coming – I think…….

We’ve only got a few more days here in Utah before we hit the road to continue our adventures somewhere else.  As much as we enjoy skiing, we’re ready to leave it behind!  The last few weeks have been tough ones for us anyway.  First, I tore my MCL in my knee, but at least it should heal on its own without surgery, so we’re happy about that.  And then we lost our battle against our cats cancer too.  Scruffy put up one hell of a good fight though, and we will miss him always!   4.Scruffy.05.09.10So we will now be traveling with only one kitty.  Sophie’s a handful all by herself anyway!  1.Sophie.hamper.01.10.09Since I can’t ski any more this season, we decided to take a drive a few days ago on our day off.  We started heading south on Hwy 40 and made a stop at Daniels Summit Lodge for some lunch.  IMG_2761 Its cute little place!  First we walked around in the lobby.  The lodge has a rich history, beginning in 1876, when the original structure was the prize of a poker game.  It was then converted into a boarding house where people could eat and sleep on the floor for a mere 50 cents. IMG_2757 After switching owners several times, in 1925 a 15-room boarding house was built to accommodate travelers on the stage line. In 1963, the building burned and sat vacant for 20 years.


The lodge there now was renovated and made into the vacation spot it is in 1998 after a 6 million-dollar renovation. 

After we finished walking around the lobby, we headed over to the Lodge Pole Grill for lunch.  The food was really good and the people working there were really, really nice!  It’s a cute little place we were really glad we stopped at!!  IMG_2764

After finishing up our meal, we continued further down the road towards Strawberry  Reservoir.  The views along the way were very beautiful!  IMG_2784 Since it’s  April, we were a little surprised at the amount of ice and snow still sitting on the water.  Strawberry Reservoir is Utah's premier trout fishery and the largest cutthroat trout ever caught in Utah was taken here in 1930.  It weighed 27 pounds!!IMG_2788After looking at a map, I noticed that there was still another lake further south, so we decided to keep driving for a while and see what it was like there.  After a short while, we were finally low enough in elevation that most of the snow was gone.   IMG_2794All of a sudden as we drove, we saw a sign that said Strawberry Pinnacles with an arrow.  It sounded interesting, so we headed that direction.  Within a very short period of time, we found ourselves in the bottom of a beautiful canyon.  IMG_2796Strawberry River flows down the middle of the canyon and apparently it’s a popular fly-fishing area.   IMG_2807After a while, we finally got to where the Pinnacles actually were.  There was a lodge and houses around the area.   They were way cool to see!  IMG_2818We drove for a while past them to see what it was like further in the canyon.  Still beautiful to see!  IMG_2823Since we had no idea where this road was going to lead us, or how far it went, we finally turned around and headed back to the main highway.   We did finally make it out to Starvation State ParkIMG_2832Apparently it got its name from cattlemen and homesteaders in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  They were trying to make a go of it along the banks of the Strawberry River in the area now occupied by the reservoir and dam.  Winters were hard, long and extremely cold.  Their cattle and livestock often froze during the winter months and growing season in the area was extremely short and hindered by flooding, hailstorms, early frosts, etc.  They did face near starvation on numerous occasions and so nicknamed the area “Starvation” and that’s how the highway bridge, reservoir, dam and state park received their name.  IMG_2834I thought it was pretty, but it was pretty barren out there!  We just enjoyed our time away from the snow!   Then the next day, we woke up to this………IMG_2854 Hopefully, spring really is on the way….. somewhere!!!  Soon we should be on the road and hopefully some warmer temps!  Happy Trails!


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