Visiting With Friends

We were lucky enough to squeeze in a visit with our fulltime RVer friends, Bobbie & Jim Chapman in Alamosa, CO.  IMG_3225The afternoon that we arrived, we just hung out and caught up on what all of us had been doing since the last time we visited which was about a year ago.  Later on Jim took us to where he stored his old El Camino that he restored.  We’d heard about it before, but this is the first time we had the chance to see it ourselves.  Very nice!!!!!  IMG_3178Then we all went to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  Yummmm!  It had been quite a while since we had eaten a good Mexican meal, which we both love and this one definitely fit the bill!  It was great!!  IMG_3180The building used to be an old hotel building.  Once you started to really look around, you could tell.  It was very pretty inside.  IMG_3181In fact, in this photo, you can even see the old phone booth in the corner.   Although there was no phone still inside, Jim shared that he remembered when there was in the past.  IMG_3182The next morning, we had all made plans to get up early so they could take us up to where they work in the summer months.  We had heard about the campgrounds and such but had never had the chance to see them.  Before we headed out, I was lucky enough to catch this great photo of the sun coming up near Mt. Blanca.  Very beautiful!!!IMG_3185Before we took the drive to see their campgrounds, we all went out and had an incredible breakfast at a place called Ef’s Restaurant.  We all had skillets that had the BEST green chili on top!!  After breakfast, we headed out.   The views were amazing!!  IMG_3196Along the way we passed a place called Best Western Movie Manor.  There’s actually a Drive-in Theater here!  IMG_3198 And then they also have this hotel where you can rent a room for the night and the movie is piped into the rooms so you can watch!  Isn’t that a great idea?!?!?!  I thought it was very cool!!!  Maybe that’s what makes it one of the few Drive-in still in use these days.  IMG_3199We still kept going further up the mountains.  Soon the more desert-like surroundings changed into more evergreens and definitely mountain-like views!  IMG_3205We were in the Rio Grande National Forest and then we arrived at the first of the campgrounds that they were able to show us.  This is the one that they actually stay in themselves for the summer.   This is one of the campsites there along Park Creek which is the also the name of this campground.  IMG_3212Here’s some views from the campsite itself.  Yeah, I think I could stand to stay here for a summer!  What do you think?  IMG_3208 IMG_3211We continued further up the mountain to see some of the other campgrounds that they are in charge of.  I think they said that they are in charge of 10 in total.  The whole area was just gorgeous!!  IMG_3214At the entrance to the next campground, we saw this little fella hanging out.  Don’t quite know why, but I just love these little marmots!!!! They are just so damn cute!!!IMG_3216We stopped at this one pullout along the side of the road to take some pictures of the river.  It was windy and cold, and a few snowflakes even flew shortly after this, but it was still a beautiful place!  IMG_3219Another one of their campgrounds we visited is called Upper Beaver Creek and is another fabulous campground, with more sites right along the creek.  IMG_3232Also in this campground is a restroom that is on the list of National Historic Places.  Can you believe it??!!  It is one of only a very few of the original Forest Service restrooms that are still around.  Pretty cool, in a strange sort of way!  IMG_3226We were on a time schedule due to the fact that we still had to make it to Colorado Springs to meet up with some other friends that same day.  The four of us are traveling up to Grand Teton National Park to work for the summer.  So we had to head back to Alamosa so we could get going, but we did stop along the road to take pictures of this cute little catholic church in the country.  IMG_3241  IMG_3242We made a stop to meet with Jim & Bobbie’s friends, Rich & Terri, who work close by in South Fork for the summer.  Nice place and extremely nice people!  We made it back to Alamosa, said our goodbyes, and took off for Colorado Springs.  Leaving town, we drove over the Rio Grande River.  IMG_3248We got to see some more amazing views along the way!  Some of the upper elevations had gotten a new dusting of snow the night before. IMG_3250 We drove along and got a close-up, well relatively, view of Blanca Peak.  It looks to me that it is an ancient volcano.  IMG_3253 Blanca PeakAnd then later, we drove over La Veta Pass, which took us next to this incredible view!!  IMG_3262 La VetaWe finally arrived in Colorado Springs and met up with Jackie and Mike Reid.   Unfortunately, they had gotten a blow-out on their fifth-wheel along their way there.  Mike was already working on repairs when we arrived and Sal jumped in to help. 

Well, we truly enjoyed our time with Jim & Bobbie and had such a great time with them!  We always share a lot of laughs and good times when we’re with them and we certainly thank them for all of their hospitality.  And now we’re also happy to be with Mike and Jackie heading towards the Tetons too.  That’s what is so wonderful about this lifestyle.  We are so lucky to get to know so many people and make such wonderful friendships!  Happy Trails!


  1. So happy you enjoyed your visit to Alamosa and that you got a chance to visit some of our campgrounds. We always look forward to see you both. Can't wait to Quartzsite January 2012!!!


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