We Finally Found Warmth!!

We left Park City, UT a little while back and definitely drove into warmer weather!  It is very nice to our bones!!  We needed to head south because Sal lost his wallet while skiing at Deer Valley and we tried everything we could think of to find it.  Ski Patrol at the resort even took a rescue dog out to smell around with no luck!  Anyway, since we have Class A licenses, Texas won’t send a replacement through the mail, so south we headed!  Our first stop was in Moab, UT.  This area is so beautiful!!  Here’s the view from the RV Park we stay at in Moab.  IMG_2873After Moab, we headed down to Albuquerque, NM.  Views along the way were pretty amazing.  IMG_2878























I thought this looked just like a building sitting on top of a rock.  The way that some rocks and layers erode at different rates and create things like this is just fascinating to me!  IMG_2890 We drove through a town named Shiprock, NM.  This rock is an example of a volcanic neck, or a central feeder pipe. The remnant of an eruption around 30 million years ago during the Oligocene, it is the basalt core of an extinct volcano.  I thought it resembled a castle much more than a ship, but that’s just me. ;-)  Still very cool to look at!  IMG_2904A couple of hours later, much to our surprise, we crossed over the Continental Divide.  Don’t know why, but I just didn’t expect that how here in the middle of the desert! IMG_2914We finally arrived in Albuquerque and stayed at Enchanted Trails RV Park.  It’s located along the Historic Route 66.  It’s a pretty nice place if you’re ever in the area.  And it’s also a Passport America park too making it affordable.  IMG_3173 Originally a Trading Post , called the Hill Top Trading Post, built in the late 1940’s, the flat roofed adobe building is typical of the region. The property has been used as a backdrop for several films. Most recently their vintage cars and travel trailers were featured in a Route 66 video. IMG_2926










IMG_2930After a night in Albuquerque, we headed further south towards Texas.  This was the first traveling we’ve done since we had to put Scruffy down, so we weren’t real sure how Sophie was going to do traveling by herself.  She never had before.  Since she’s not a very nervous kind of cat, we thought we’d try allowing her to roam a bit in the truck if she wanted to.  She was funny to watch!! 

She’d walk around, look out the windows, meow a lot, and then she would just decide she was done and then return to her little “home”  and just hang out.  She’s still adjusting, but its going pretty good.  IMG_3277We arrived down south after racing against the high winds that were coming!!  It was a little touchy here and there, but as soon as we got set up, we headed to the closest DMV immediately.  After a two hour wait, Sal FINALLY got his license replaced.  Yay!! 

After all of that, the next morning, we turned around and headed back north!!  We returned to Albuquerque, to the same RV Park.  We were blessed with an AMAZING sunset!!!  IMG_2963







IMG_2966This time we spent a couple of days here and checked out a few nearby sites.  I’ll cover that in my next blog.  We’ve had a few days where we didn’t have reliable WiFi, so I’m trying to play catch-up on the blog!  Happy Trails!!


  1. I love all your pictures, they are so amazing! We're also sorry to hear about Scruffy and glad Sophie is doing okay. We just had one of our puppies die and have been dealing with the same thing, it's not fun!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Bobbie. Can't wait to see your next posts.



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