Some Grand Teton Wildlife

As I wrote before, although Sal has already started working, I am still off work for a little while longer.  Jackie and I went out quite a few days trying to see if we could find some wildlife to watch and photograph. 

Before we ever arrived, our friends, Dave and Jeanene saw this industrious little Beaver hanging out near Oxbow Bend working and working.  I’ve gone looking for him/her on multiple occasions, but still haven’t run into it myself!  I’m not giving up though!!  4.Beaver.Oxbow.Bend.04.16.11

The first wildlife we got to see after the trip in was this Coyote that was hanging out at Oxbow Bend the day after we arrived.  I thought it was really funny how it looked like all these Canada Geese are sitting there watching it walk by.  8.Coyote.Oxbow.Bend.Teton.NP.04.25.11We also went down towards the dam to see if anything was there.  We came across this Osprey up in a nearby tree.  Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy; I was zoomed in just a bit too much for the quality.  12.Osprey.Teton.NP.04.25.11Down near Moran Junction, we came across these two Moose killing some time in the willows.  While we were watching them, I kept post-holing into the snow up past my knees.  Jackie just kept laughing at me!!  25.Two.Moose.near.Moran.Junction.04.25.11At first we only saw the one on the left and finally right before we were leaving, the one on the right appeared through.  We were the only two watching them for the longest time before a family showed up to watch too.  As we were driving away, just a little bit away, was this beautiful creature!!  34.Moose.near.Moran.Junction.04.25.11On another day, Jackie and I got up early to see if that helped us.  As much as we were enjoying seeing the Coyote, Moose, and all, we also really wanted to try to find Wolves and Bears!!  So, we were off!  We drove down to Pacific Creek Road and headed out!!!  Unfortunately, all we got to see out there was tracks!!  We did see Wolf tracks even if not the animal itself.  5.Wolf.Tracks.Pacific.Crk.Rd.04.26.117.Wolf.Tracks.Pacific.Crk.Rd.04.26.11






We saw this interesting track, skid mark, or whatever you want to call it!  The way it looked to us was that a bear had either slid down on its butt, belly or its back and then gotten up at the bottom.  In any case, just picturing what might have done this made us both laugh like crazy!!  10.Bear.Slide.Pacific.Crk.Rd.04.26.11After not seeing any animals, we decided to drive somewhere else.  So we went up to Leeks Marina on a whim and we finally got to see a couple of Wolves!!  We were both just like little kids on Christmas morning!!  31.Wolves.Leeks.Marina.Jackson.Lk.04.26.1132.Wolves.Leeks.Marina.Jackson.Lk.04.26.11 






Now, just to give you a little perspective to just how far away these guys were from us, here is a photo zoomed out, of the island that they walked around the back of in the above photo.  36.Leeks.Marina.Jackson.Lk.04.26.11As much as we really had wished that they were a lot closer to watch, I was still so excited to see them at all!!!  That’s what binoculars are for, right?!!!  

So, I was all happy and content at that point!  Sure I still hadn’t seen a Bear, but Wolves!!  And then we got quite the show from this little cutie right outside of our door!!  37.Red.Fox.Emp.RV.Park.Colter.Bay.04.26.11It hung around for quite a while too.  In fact, check out how close it came to Jackie while she was taking pictures!!  28.Red.Fox.Jackie.Emp.RV.Park.04.26.11I kept wondering where all the Bison were that usually hang out in the park, and then finally there was one!  It was only one though, which is pretty rare.  Jackie and I came up with all kinds of stories in our heads as to why this guys hangs out alone.  Of course, we have no idea of the truth, but have been told by someone who lives here year-round that this fella does this all the time.  Oh well.  Still a beauty to see!!  14.Bison.Elk.Ranch.Flats.04.27.11 Some of the Elk have finally started coming in from the Elk Refuge too.  Normally by this time they are EVERYWHERE, but not yet this year.  They’ll come more after more snow melts I’m sure. Down by the Gros Ventre Campground where there is a lot less snow, we’ve came across quite a few Moose.  They are definitely enjoying the lack of snow, and the abundance of new growth to munch on.  24.Moose.near.Gros.Ventre.Campground.04.27.11We went for a walk through the campground to see if there were any more animals there.  We didn’t find any mammals there, but we enjoyed watching a couple of Bluebirds playing with each other, as well as this Red-Shafted Northern Flicker.  Isn’t it gorgeous????  35.Red-Shafted.Flicker.Gros.Ventre.04.27.11 Then on the way back home, we came across another fox.  I seem to be seeing them often since then.  That is definitely one advantage to arriving here so early in the season.  There is a lack of other people and things are still pretty quiet so therefore, you get to see more wildlife. few days later we had a Pine Martin come visit for a while.  They are really hard to get photos of because they are way too high-strung and they move around a whole lot and really quickly!!!  1.Pine.Martin.Colter.Bay.05.01.11Well, there is a bit of the wildlife living here in the Tetons.  And no, I still haven’t seen any of the elusive Bears!  I have seen tracks so I know some of them are beginning to wake up, but with all this snow, they’re probably coming out and then deciding to return to their nap for a while longer!  Hope you enjoyed the pics!!


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