Wish For Us Warm Weather & Blue Skies

As I’ve already been blogging about, there is still a whole lot of snow here in Grand Teton National Park. The day we arrived, about two weeks ago, we were still surprised by just how much snow there was. We had friends that were already here that tried to tell us, but it’s always different when you actually see if for yourself!!!!!All day on Mother’s Day, it was snowing and since then it’s been raining and snowing constantly. It does seem like the snow is beginning to melt though, even if it’s not very quickly!  Here’s what the snow looked like outside our window last Sunday. 

My day yesterday started out really well, with this chubby little Robin sitting right outside the window in the tree.  Sophie was running around trying to figure out how she could get outside to play with this cute new “friend” of hers!IMG_3828Later in the day I decided to drive around the park and try to see any new wildlife that might be out and just look around and see what was going on.  I noticed that some of the creeks that were previously  frozen are beginning to break up.  This is what Pilgrim Creek looked like when we got here.  I’d never seen it look like this!  I’ve seen it flowing and totally dry, but never just solid snow.  3.Pilgrim.Creek.frozen.Teton.NP.04.25.11Yesterday, I was happy to see Pilgrim Creek with some water flowing in it under the snow.  Spring may really be on the way!!  IMG_3872My heart goes out to all the people who are along the Mississippi River that are being affected by the flooding.  It’s terrible!!  I know it’s to no extent even close to any of that, but they are concerned about flooding occurring here as well.  You can really see the difference in some of the creeks too.  This is Pacific Creek along Pacific Creek Road from a couple of days after we arrived.  1.Pacific.Creek.morning.colors.04.27.11 And with only a little bit of warm weather, and quite a bit more snow and rain, you can really see quite a difference.  A lot of snow has melted and the creek is swelling.  IMG_3844 The large Jackson Lake in the park is at 155% of normal already, before most of the snow melts!  Once the snow really starts melting, they’re worried that it could start causing some real problems in certain areas.  They’re trying to let water out through the dam now to try to save problems from happening later.  IMG_3795

14.Jackson.Lake.Dam.Teton.NP.04.25.11Of course, this is making the river flow at a higher rate, and it’s helping more of the snow to melt that’s in it too.  It’s such a beautiful river here in this area.  11.Snake.River.Teton.NP.04.27.11They do a lot of white water rafting trips on the river further downstream and if they have to continue to release large amounts of water, it will affect their ability to run the trips safely.  It will be interesting to see what happens as time goes by and more snow melts. 
And we still need much more to melt too!  This is a photo of the local Visitor Center here in Colter Bay, which is where the campground that I will work in is located as well.   24.Snow.Colter.Bay.Visitors.Center.04.26.11You have to look really close to see the roof through the trees back there!  It’s just amazing the snow they’ve had this year!!  The Visitor Center is due to open on the 26th of May along with some of these cabins here in Colter Bay as well.  13.Snow.Colter.Bay.Cabins.04.28.11 

16.Snow.Colter.Bay.Cabins.04.28.11They’ve begun to try to plow what they can around some of these cabins, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s possible to get it all done in time!!  I mean, look at this dumpster which is located in the campground.  How easy do you think it’s going to be to throw trash into this??  IMG_3815Some of the problem is that in certain areas, such as the campground and also where the cabins are located, there are so many trees that snow melt is just not going to happen quickly at all!  And with 350 sites, shoveling them doesn’t sound like much of an option either.  It’s going to be interesting! 
Of course, the other side of all this snow is that, I do have to admit, it is extremely beautiful to see!!  Jackie and I went for a walk last week and although the view ahead was very pretty, the snow was so high we couldn’t see on either side of the road!  Since a bear had recently been seen in the area, it did make us a bit nervous.  2.Snow.Pilgrim.Creek.Rd.05.02.11I took a trip out to Jenny Lake to see how it was looking too.  It is still frozen, but again very gorgeous!  IMG_3786Well, I guess we will have to wait and see how things come along.  I will keep you up to date as you follow along with us.  Hope for us some warm weather and blue skies!!  In the meantime, I will just keep enjoying the scenery!!  IMG_3792Happy Trails!!


  1. Love the new look of your blog...very sleek! The photos are gorgeous, as always. It looks like it will be a long time before campers will be there.


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