Back to Park City & Over Teton Pass

I had to return to Park City, UT again to see the doc about my knee.  At least Sal was able to go with me, so I didn’t have to do all the driving alone this time.  The landslide I wrote about immediately after my last trip down south was actually cleared enough that we could drive through, so we took that route on the way down.  As we were leaving and just beginning our trip, we saw what we call a “Bear Jam” on the road.  This is the equivalent of a traffic jam, except it is caused by a bear hanging out along the side of the road.  Once we saw this beautiful Grizzly, we agreed that it was definitely worth stopping to see!!!!  IMG_4453











We decided to drive back to Wyoming on a different route though to check out some new scenery.  The drive through most of Utah that we traveled through was nothing to write home about.  A lot of cityscapes and dreary weather.  We did drive by the Great Salt Lake, which neither of us had seen before, but the weather was so dark and dreary, everything including the lake just looked gray.  As we drove further north though, things got a bit prettier around us.  IMG_4485The mountains that surrounded us were very pretty with all the snow on top even if we are to the point where we’re ready for it to just go away! 

IMG_4495Although we also saw many areas that have begun to flood near houses and many rivers, like this one, that are over their banks already.  It will only get worse if all that snow up top melts too quickly.  IMG_4527We got into Idaho, which neither of us had ever traveled through and found the southern end of it to be just incredible!  We drove through the hills with communities hidden in the canyons.  IMG_4498Then as we drove further north, we past by many potato farms.  And I mean potato farms EVERYWHERE!!!  Miles and miles of potato farms!  IMG_4506We saw all kinds of these storage buildings too.  Some of them were like the one in the back of this photo, where the roofs were made of earth.  Others were newer like the one in the front, made of metal.  This was the only place where I actually got to see both kinds.  IMG_4511But after a while, and seeing farm after farm, we also realized that some of these potato farms must be very profitable.  I mean check out this house!!  Anyone want to go in on a potato farm with me????  IMG_4517We continued further north and went through Teton Valley on our way to Wyoming.  Another beautiful area!!!  IMG_4530The weather was getting worse and worse as we were traveling too.  We actually drove through a rainstorm that was so intense we could barely see through the windshield!  And we were watching the lightning strikes right along the side of the highway!!  We kept moving on though and the last big thing we really wanted to see on the trip was Teton Pass in Wyoming that goes on in to the town of Jackson.  Both of us had heard about the pass, but we’d never been on it.  Well, it didn’t let us down!  There were a few pretty lakes along the road.  IMG_4536

As we kept going up and up, the mountains had more and more snow on them, but was still incredibly beautiful!!! 







Once we got up to the top we were told that there was an amazing view of Jackson.  Instead we got a good look at the incoming fog.  It actually looked really pretty sitting down in the valley below us.  IMG_4555After we started down the other side of the pass, we got a close-up look at the fog as it came blowing up the side of the mountain and then over the road.  IMG_4557It was pretty cool to see!!






Then all of a sudden, we were finally below all the clouds!!  The view down to Jackson did not disappoint, even if it was lower in elevation than we had expected to see it.  IMG_4560






IMG_4563Although it took us quite a bit longer than we anticipated taking this route versus our original way, we were still glad we decided to take it.  In fact, we decided that we want to take the route again, preferably on a prettier day weather-wise. 

Well, I’m sure that I would receive questions about how my doctor’s appointment went if I weren’t to include what he said.  So, I found out that it seems I will have to have yet another surgery on my knee.  At this point I’m not sure when it will be done.  It will only be orthoscopic, but I’m still not looking forward to it.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes. 

I hope this finds everyone having a great summer so far!  Happy trails and check back soon!  I’ll keep you up to date!


  1. I would have stopped too.

  2. Beautiful photos! And the bear pics are great. We are going to go back into Yellowstone on Tues. (our day off) to try and see the mama grizzly and her two cubs near Mammoth. We really enjoy your blog.


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