Finally Saw A Bear!!!

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve updated the blog.  I took a quick trip out to Oregon to visit my Grandma who just tuned 90 and also visited my Mom there too.  When I retuned here, I started work the very next day and have had only a few days off since then and so have been really busy doing chore-type things and have had less time to take photos and have fun. 

I did have a couple of days to walk and drive around immediately before I left for Oregon.  The Elk have definitely begun moving more into the park and have continued.  IMG_3878I spent some time just walking through the campground before it opened.  I just wanted to see how snow melt was coming along and such.  I was greeted by this little tree-squirrel on my way in.  IMG_3888 At the time, there was still a whole lot of snow in the campsites, but the views of the mountains from there were still amazing!!  IMG_3894I walked down to the Colter Bay Marina, which is right here in the area that we stay in.  I couldn’t believe how much snow was still there!!!  IMG_3897The really amazing thing is that although in this photo there is still so much snow, but today, there is so little amount of water that the marina is still not open for boating, and they aren’t sure when it will be able to open.  The reason that there is so little water in the lake at this point is due to the fact they have still been letting more and more water out through the dam to prepare for all the snowmelt that will fill the lake after the weather turns warm enough.  In fact, they increased the amount of water coming through the dam.  IMG_3925IMG_3924I took a walk down to the picnic area in Colter Bay down by the lake too.  It was so quiet there with no visitors.  That will change soon!!  It already has some.  This is what the view was looking over the lake towards Waterfalls Canyon.  IMG_4003The lake did begin to thaw out though and has recently thawed the rest of the way, but now with a lot less water in it.  I took this photo right before I left for Oregon.  It was one of the very first good-weather days we had after arriving!!  I also took a drive down to Jenny Lake to see how it was coming along when it comes to melting, but it was still frozen.  It’s amazing how much can change in such a short period of time though.  This is what it looked like before my trip to Oregon.  IMG_3943 

And this is what it looked like just a few days ago.  IMG_4137






Different times of the day make the mountains look a bit different too, but I still couldn’t get over how quickly so much snow had disappeared.  Except for on the mountains themselves.  From what the Park Service had said, there is still about 20 feet of snow on some of them!!!!  IMG_4120I can’t help but wonder if it will ever melt enough for me to be able to take the backpacking trips I was hoping for this summer!!  It will be interesting to see how and when all that snow melts.  Hopefully, the flooding won’t be too bad.  And if we didn’t already have enough snow, on Memorial Day, May 30, 2011 and what most consider to be the unofficial beginning of summer, we added more snow to the piles here!  Check out this video and see how hard it snowed on us that day!! 

With all that snow, as you might have guessed already, the campground didn’t have too many visitors!  It has begun to pick up a little this week.  We’ve also started getting some better weather too.  Hopefully it will continue.  The bears have started coming out more and more too.  We finally saw our first bear of the season when we saw this Black Bear along the road a couple of days ago.  Needless to say, we (especially me!) were very excited.  IMG_4161We got one more visit from another Tree Squirrel too when it came climbing up a tree immediately outside our back window.  Sophie found it to be quite entertaining!!  IMG_4101






I have to admit, the squirrel was pretty cute!!!  IMG_4099Well, hopefully, the weather will stick around, things will fall more into a routine, so that I can get out and take more photos and see more exciting things so I will have more to share in the blog.  I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful start to summer!

Happy Trails!


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