Finally a Summer Weekend!!

Yay!  We finally have started having some warmer weather and it’s starting to look more like summer!  We had a couple of days off where it wasn’t raining or snowing so we got out and about in the park!!  On our “Friday” we headed into town to do some chores and such so that we could enjoy our two days off work.  On our way back home I saw these little baby Canada Geese and just had to stop to take pictures.  I’d never seen any little ones before and they were so cute and fuzzy!!  Mom looked as if she was hurrying them along for one reason or another.  5.Canada.Goose.babies.Jackson.WY.06.20.11And the reflection of the mountains on Flat Creek that flows through town was so beautiful, I had to stop for that photo too!!  7.Flat.Creek.reflection.Jackson.WY.06.20.11






The next morning, we took off towards the Gros Ventre Mountain Range which is kind of at the south end of the park and they extend into the Bridger-Teton National Forest as well.  We stopped near Mormon Row so I could take this photo of all the yellow flowers with the Tetons behind.  I thought it was amazing!!!  IMG_4629As we got further into the National Forest we came across these ewes hanging out on a hill above us.  IMG_4640





We drove along the Gros Ventre River for much of the ride into the forest area.  In the background is some of the remnants of the old Gros Ventre slide, which is one of the largest earth movements in the world.  IMG_4641It happened on June 23, 1925.  About 50 million cubic yards of sandstone, limestone, shale and rock moved quickly from an altitude of 9000 feet, across a valley bottom and then up the side of the hills on the other side.  It actually formed a dam 225 feet high across the river and created this lake, which is aptly called Slide Lake.   IMG_4654Right near the lake, we came across these three rams.  I truly didn’t know that there were so many Bighorn Sheep in this area!  IMG_4665 






This guy decided to lie down and just strike a few poses for me!!  Very nice!!!!IMG_4675So we continued on and finally arrived at the trailhead and began our hike.  Towards the beginning of the hike, the views of the Red Hills were amazing.  IMG_4738






After a little while, we came to a plank crossing of East Miner Creek.  IMG_4741We came across this little guy hanging out in the middle of the trail a while later.  I haven’t had time to try to identify the exact species, but just thought I’d share the photo anyway.  IMG_4749

After hiking up and then down a few hills, we came back down and came to another plank crossing; this one of West Miner Creek.  IMG_4755






IMG_4762All the creeks, and even the Gros Ventre River, are running full of water due to all the snowmelt.  We’ve had warmer temperatures too so the melt has definitely increased.  This was supposed to be only a “small run-off stream” according to my hiking book, but it definitely seemed like more than that to me!!!  IMG_4771

There were a few times that the trail itself was literally taken over by a nearby stream or creek!!  IMG_4787Some of the open views along this hike were just incredible!!!  IMG_4774











IMG_4800After a few hours, we finally arrived at Grizzly Lake where we sat next to the water and ate our lunch enjoying the solitude of the place.  IMG_4823The hike back out was the same as the way in.  There wasn’t a way to do a loop hike.  Of course, even if you hike in and then return back, the view looking in the other direction can still be more beautiful!  IMG_4834












With the warmer, sunny weather that we have FINALLY gotten lately, the wildflowers have also begun to spring!!  I always enjoy me some good wildflowers!!!! 

Then after our hike, we got a surprise we definitely weren’t expecting along the drive back home.  Who would have ever thought we’d come across a whole herd of cows crossing the road???!!!  IMG_4860






Further in the park, we had to stop while another herd of animals crossed the road in front of us, but this is a herd we’re used to seeing….the Bison!!!  IMG_4877And the best part is the herd now has a few little ones traveling with them too!  They are just so adorable!!!!!!  IMG_4881





So it was an awesome day off in the park!  We had a unique trip on our other day off that I’ll blog about next.  Come back and check out our Dinner Cruise adventure!  


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