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Two Beautiful Lakes in the Tetons!

Again, another hike we did before my knee surgery was a hike we’ve now done every time that we’ve been here in the park.  We hiked up to Bradley and Taggart Lakes.  The morning was another amazing day!!!  Blue skies all around and waterfalls full of snow melt coming down the mountains!!!  Before we even walked more than a few feet up the trail, we all of a sudden saw this female Moose running, literally, across the open space in front of us!!  We couldn’t figure out what had caused her to run instead of walk, but it was fun to watch! 
Near the beginning of the hike, the trail crosses over Taggart Creek.  Towering above the trees, you can see the top of Grand Teton. 

Like so many of the other creeks and rivers in the area, it was swollen with so much more water than any other typical year!!  To say that the views along the trail are amazing and beautiful just seems like such an understatement!!  As we continued further along, we decided to take the loop hike in the opposite direction t…

Hike Around Jenny Lake

Okay, so I am still working on catching up on my posts with my pics from hikes we did right before my knee surgery.  We’ve had some very busy bears in our area up here this summer.  There is one bear, named 399, that had triplets a few years back and raised them here.  She has now had her second set of triplets this year!  I have had a tough time getting pictures of her and her cubs though.  I was lucky enough to hang out and watch her one afternoon, but she and her cubs were so far away that I still couldn’t get photos like I wanted.  They refused to cooperate!  At least 399, looked up briefly at one point, even if the little ones wouldn’t.  In addition to 399 hanging out with her three cubs, a daughter from her first set of triplets, named 610, is also running around this summer with her two cubs!!  Good photos of them have also eluded me so far, but I’ve gotten glimpses of them on a few occasions.  On our way to take a hike, we saw these Elk running around like crazy!  And then we …