Dinner Cruise to Elk Island

Who knew that you could go on a dinner cruise in a national park?  Well, it is a bit different than your typical dinner cruise.  Anyway, let’s do first things first.  In the morning, Sal decided that he needed to do some chores around the house, so in typical Bobbie fashion, I decided to go hiking!  I took off for Arizona Creek Trail just up the road.  The trail passed through multiple meadows along the way, which were quite water-logged.  IMG_4897In the next photo, I was standing in the meadow taking a photo of the mountains too, and all the water in the foreground is actually in the middle of the trail!!  IMG_4902






I kept telling myself that I really should give up and pick a different hike, but I wouldn’t even listen to myself!  How sad is that???!!  I kept getting to places where the water just kept streaming right down the trail!  As long as I could figure a way around the water, I just kept trekking along.  IMG_4905It was a very nice hike.  I never saw another soul along the way, which is my favorite way to hike!!  IMG_4912

I got to the point in the trail above, when I all of a sudden, came face to face with a huge Black Bear!  I would love to show you a pic of the guy, but it happened way too fast for that.  I came up and over a small hill and there he was, no more than about 20 feet away!  We surprised each other and he turned, took off, and ran!  He stopped at one point to look back at me through the trees and I tried to get a picture, but he moved before I could get my camera to focus.  Still a very cool experience!!! 

As you can see in the above pic, there was a lot of water in this place, and I thought again, after the bear took off, that I should probably turn around and leave, but of course, I didn’t.   I kept hiking until I finally got to a point where I had absolutely no choice but to turn around.  I got to a point where the trail led directly into the creek and the creek was running at high octane!!  IMG_4927






So I finally gave up and made my way back to the truck and drove back towards home, but decided to make a stop and hike around near Sargent’s Bay of Jackson Lake.  I had heard about the area from a friend and wanted to check it out myself.  I hiked down the hill hentowards the bay and ended up eating my lunch sitting next to this small lake close by.  IMG_4947After eating, I continued to walk around and explore.  The entire area was very beautiful and peaceful.  Here’s what Sargent’s Bay itself looks like.  It’s named after John Dudley Sargent, who, in 1890, claimed Jackson Hole’s northernmost homestead nearby.  Isn’t it amazing?  IMG_4952





Afterwards I headed towards the University of Wyoming/NPS Research Station, also known as the AMK Ranch, even though it was never a working ranch.  Mr. Sargent and his business partner, Robert Hamilton, ran a lodge here named the Merymere.  IMG_4963






In 1926, Hoover Company Executive, W. Lewis Johnson purchased the Sargent ranch, and built this two-story lodge on the property.  IMG_5010The AMK Ranch name came from the first initials of the next owner’s family: Alfred, Madeleine, and their son Kenneth Berol, in the mid-1930s.  They bought the ranch from Johnson and then built the Berol Lodge.  IMG_4968The University of Wyoming/NPS Research Center formed and moved here in 1977.  Still called the AMK Ranch, now serves as a research facility for social, physical, and biological sciences.  They furnish housing, laboratory space, transportation, equipment, and financial support for scientists.  The view they are surrounded by as they study is completely stunning!!  IMG_4970I wish I had known about a place like this when I was in college.  I’m sure I could have come up with something to study while I hung out around here!!!  LOL  Actually, it is a very cool thing that they provide and in the summer months, they provide all kinds of talks, and classes for the public and anyone who wants to attend.  IMG_5009After my day of exploration and fun, I went back home and then we met up with some of our friends and headed down to Colter Bay Marina so we could take a dinner cruise to Elk Island.  IMG_5013We left the marina and head out getting closer and closer to the beautiful Teton Mountains.  IMG_5021






The boat travels across Jackson Lake out to Elk Island where there are numerous picnic tables all set up ready to serve a feast!  IMG_5031Once we arrive and disembark, we’re met my Mary, the Assistant Manager of the Marina and she welcomes us to the island.  It’s a beautiful setting!  IMG_5033

The cooks have been here for hours grilling away like crazy!!  We are fed steaks, trout, corn, beans, cole slaw, and rolls.  I’d like to say that it was oh so delicious, but it was okay.  Dessert was apple or blueberry cobbler.  You definitely can’t beat the view while you dined though!!  IMG_5037





We wish the weather had been a bit better, but at the same time, we were extremely happy that we weren’t getting stormed on since we could see storms in the distance.  We are hoping to take a breakfast cruise next time.  The photo opportunities have got to be amazing!  The lake is almost always like glass in the mornings, and the sun is in the best place for outstanding reflections.  I’ll share those photos when we do that trip.  This is the view we had heading back towards Colter Bay.  IMG_5041As some of you know, I am currently recovering from a recent knee surgery.  So, hopefully, I will catch up with the other photos that I have been holding on to so as to write blog posts during this recovery time.  Happy Trails everyone!!


  1. I can't believe how much snow is still on those mountains!


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