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Hiking Again!!! YEAH!!!!

Well, just in case you couldn’t tell by the title, the knee is doing well enough to start hiking again!!!  Took a friend’s advice on the ease of the hike and decided to check out Bailey Meadow.  I attempted to take this hike in the spring, but due to all the extra snowmelt, I couldn’t make it across Arizona Creek.  You can see the difference at the trailhead when you look at the creek now compared to the pics I took back in June. 

Unfortunately, there was a fire burning not too far away, so it made photos of the mountains pretty hazy.  Still beautiful views though. 

I could really tell just how much snow has melted up in the mountains too.  Although, high up there is still so much more than is usual for this time of the year.  Here’s how much snow was up there just a couple of months ago. 

Although it is so late in summer, there are still so many wildflowers blooming along the trail. 

We finally arrived at the creek crossing that kept me from completing the hike last time.  This tim…

The Flip Side of the Tetons

Over our last weekend off of work, we took some advice from one of our friends and headed over toGrand Targhee Ski/Summer Resort for a different view of the Tetons.  It was breathtaking!!  To get there we had to drive over Teton Pass. 

The views down to Jackson are sill so amazing from up there. 

The wildflowers were in full bloom at this elevation too!!  I just had to stop for the photo opp!!!!  Considering the last time we drove over this pass, it was still completely covered with snow, it looked a bit different this time around and was beautiful!! 

We drove over to Driggs, ID and stopped at O’Rourke’s Sports Bar & Grill for lunch.  The service was awful, but the burgers we both ate were very good!  As we left and headed towards the resort, we could see the tip of the back side of the Grand Teton. 

The drive up and into the mountains was an amazing one!  I thought it was very cool how there were all kinds of farms below the incredible mountains above!  When you arrive at the …

Waterfalls, Moose & Grizzlies! Oh My!!

Okay, here’s a write-up from when we hiked up one of my favorite canyons here in Grand Teton National Park, Cascade Canyon.  Because we wanted to hike back in the canyon as far as we could, we took the Jenny Lake Shuttle across to save us the 2 mile hike around part of the lake.  The views as we began our way towards the mouth of Cascade Canyon were beautiful!  If you look close, you can see the waterfall in the middle, below the snow.  We had been told by a friend that there were waterfalls all along the canyon because of all the extra snow this year.  He wasn’t joking!!  Cascade Creek coming down the canyon was just roaring as well!!!  And sure enough, we kept hiking and we kept seeing more waterfalls coming down the canyon walls!!At multiple places along the trail, it passed immediately next the creek.  We have never seen it so full of water and rushing so fast!!  Definitely beautiful!!!!!  The reality is that if all of these waterfalls have names, I have no idea what they are.  I’…