The Flip Side of the Tetons

Over our last weekend off of work, we took some advice from one of our friends and headed over to Grand Targhee Ski/Summer Resort for a different view of the Tetons.  It was breathtaking!!  To get there we had to drive over Teton Pass.  IMG_6051

The views down to Jackson are sill so amazing from up there.  IMG_6056

The wildflowers were in full bloom at this elevation too!!  I just had to stop for the photo opp!!!!  IMG_6065Considering the last time we drove over this pass, it was still completely covered with snow, it looked a bit different this time around and was beautiful!!  IMG_6079

We drove over to Driggs, ID and stopped at O’Rourke’s Sports Bar & Grill for lunch.  The service was awful, but the burgers we both ate were very good!  As we left and headed towards the resort, we could see the tip of the back side of the Grand Teton.  IMG_6082

The drive up and into the mountains was an amazing one!  I thought it was very cool how there were all kinds of farms below the incredible mountains above!  IMG_6086When you arrive at the resort, you can’t even see the Tetons anymore.  To get the view of the backside of them, you have to go for a little ski lift ride.  IMG_6098

The views along the ride were beautiful!  IMG_6106

Once you reached the top and looked back down towards the town of Driggs, you could see all of the farms that stretch across the valley.  IMG_6112The views looking the other direction toward Grand Teton National Park were just simply breathtaking though!!!  IMG_6114

IMG_6120After visiting this overlook, we walked over to another one on the other side of the ski lift that we were told had even better views of the “back” side of the TetonsIMG_6147



While we were hanging around up on top of the mountain, we were visited by this Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel.  IMG_6149Then after just a bit of time, this little baby Squirrel showed up too!!  It was soooooo cute!!!!!!!  IMG_6171

Some people ride up the lift with their bikes so they can ride down, a few ride up to hike down, and then many, like us, ride up to look around and then ride back down.  I actually would have loved to hike down, but it was still too soon for my knee.IMG_6202
After our wonderful day up on top of Grand Targhee, we enjoyed our drive home too.  Along the road, we happened upon this Missy hanging out in a pond.  It was nice of her to stop eating to check us out too!!  IMG_6214

And then more great views down into Jackson going over the Pass again.  IMG_6226

This is such a beautiful area of the country!!!  We got to see this approaching storm coming over the mountains as we neared back home.  Pretty amazing!!  IMG_6243Well, the knee is doing much better, so hopefully we will be hiking again very soon!!  Happy Trails everyone!!


  1. Amazing photos. We're hoping to make that trip before we leave Yellowstone for the season. Such awesome views!


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