Hiking Again!!! YEAH!!!!

Well, just in case you couldn’t tell by the title, the knee is doing well enough to start hiking again!!!  Took a friend’s advice on the ease of the hike and decided to check out Bailey Meadow.  I attempted to take this hike in the spring, but due to all the extra snowmelt, I couldn’t make it across Arizona Creek.  You can see the difference at the trailhead when you look at the creek now compared to the pics I took back in June.  IMG_6262

1.Arizona.Creek.at.TH.06.22.11Unfortunately, there was a fire burning not too far away, so it made photos of the mountains pretty hazy.  Still beautiful views though.  IMG_6269

I could really tell just how much snow has melted up in the mountains too.  Although, high up there is still so much more than is usual for this time of the year.  Here’s how much snow was up there just a couple of months ago.  IMG_4900

Although it is so late in summer, there are still so many wildflowers blooming along the trail.  IMG_6273


We finally arrived at the creek crossing that kept me from completing the hike last time.  This time it was actually not such a big deal to find a way across.  IMG_6300This hike actually involves crossing through quite a few small meadows along the way to Bailey Meadows.  This is just one of them.  IMG_6303

You definitely knew when you finally arrived at Bailey Meadows because it is just so massive!  It is a huge meadow and a beautiful one too!  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any wildlife to speak of along the hike.  We saw and heard quite a few Canada Geese, but that’s about it.  Again, we were a bit disappointed with all of the haze in the air. 

IMG_6316We sat along the edge of the meadow and ate lunch and listened to all the geese fly by and rested my knee before making the trek back out.  The last mile or so of the hike in was an uphill climb, so the downhill had me a bit concerned for my knee, but it did pretty well.  We just took our time as we went and enjoyed the views!!  IMG_6334

We got quite the show on our way back out too when we came across these two …. uh-hum….. enjoying each others company.  They just kept moving further and further up the side of the trail for quite some time.  We tried our best not to startle them too much.  IMG_6336Anyway, the hike ended up being a bit over eight miles round-trip, which was a little longer than I had originally thought, but at the same time, my knee did pretty well so that part was great!!  That means more hikes to come, so check back soon!!  Happy Trails!


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