Waterfalls, Moose & Grizzlies! Oh My!!

Okay, here’s a write-up from when we hiked up one of my favorite canyons here in Grand Teton National Park, Cascade Canyon.  Because we wanted to hike back in the canyon as far as we could, we took the Jenny Lake Shuttle across to save us the 2 mile hike around part of the lake.  IMG_5438


The views as we began our way towards the mouth of Cascade Canyon were beautiful!  If you look close, you can see the waterfall in the middle, below the snow.  IMG_5448


We had been told by a friend that there were waterfalls all along the canyon because of all the extra snow this year.  He wasn’t joking!!  Cascade Creek coming down the canyon was just roaring as well!!!  IMG_5460



And sure enough, we kept hiking and we kept seeing more waterfalls coming down the canyon walls!!IMG_5481




At multiple places along the trail, it passed immediately next the creek.  We have never seen it so full of water and rushing so fast!!  Definitely beautiful!!!!!  IMG_5471




The reality is that if all of these waterfalls have names, I have no idea what they are.  I’ve tried to do the research to find out too with no luck.  IMG_5483





I’ve always loved the views up the canyon, especially once you’ve started moving into the canyon itself.  They are incredible!!  IMG_5486And the waterfall views kept coming!!!  IMG_5492





It amazes me how the same creek that was roaring along further down the canyon, is also the same creek that also gives these peaceful and quiet moments.  IMG_5495





Some of the waterfalls along the way were bigger and some were smaller, but all of them were just such a treat to see!!  IMG_5501





After a while, we came across this guy hanging out under a tree in the shade.  Isn’t he beautiful?????  IMG_5509And then, again, even more waterfalls!!  It just felt like every few steps we were finding another new waterfall!    IMG_5527





The further back in the canyon you continue, the views towards the end just keep coming!  If you’ve never been to Grand Teton National Park, it’s definitely an amazing place and there is so much more to it than just the mountains you see from the road!!  IMG_5535









I’ve often wondered how they get equipment out onto trails to do trail work.  I’ve seen Conservation Corp. groups before, and I used to lug chainsaws and other tools out to trails to do work before when I was a park ranger.  NPS uses people on horseback and mules to get some trails cleared.  We caught up to this guy with his stock on the trail, then he’d pass us further up and then we’d catch up again!  IMG_5554IMG_5593



The scenery never seems to get old along this canyon either.  They views just keep coming and coming!!!!  





At one point along the trail, the most amazing thing happened!  First we saw a female moose down near the river, so I went closer to try to get some good photos.  All of a sudden, Sal was hollering at me to come back up to the trail “right now!”  I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I knew it had to be even better than the moose I was already watching for him to say it that way.  So, up to the trail I returned.  And it was definitely worth it!!  This is what was waiting to greet me!!  IMG_5616It started to neigh for it’s Mama, so while trying to keep an eye on Mom, I kept taking pics of the little one!!!  IMG_5618









Mama wasn’t too alarmed with us by the baby, so we just kept watching, and of course, I just kept taking more pics!!  IMG_5623Finally the two got closer together and the baby stopped bawling for help.  Mom just kept waiting for the little one to catch up, all the while munching on the nearby greenery.  IMG_5640


We all just kind of hung out there for a little while watching and talking.  Another hiker was with us taking photos too.  After he left, the trail worker with his stock came up, which startled both moose, and so they both headed into the river!  IMG_5643



The baby sort of fell over before realizing that the river wasn’t really all that deep at this location and got back up on it’s feet.  IMG_5644








Then they both arrived on the other side, safe and sound!!  The whole event just kinda made you feel good all over!!!!IMG_5649By this time, we were quite a bit closer to the end of the canyon and the views continued to be amazing!!  IMG_5656The largest waterfalls that we saw along the hike were towards the end of the canyon!  They were just INCREDIBLE!!  IMG_5659




After we arrived at “The Forks” we hiked up the south fork of the trail, based on the advice of the hiker down by the moose.  We certainly were glad that we heeded his advice!










We hung out here for a while before turning around and heading back.  Towards the end of the hike, we took a different trail to get back down to the boat ramp.  This was the first we’d been on this part of the trail this season, since it was closed earlier when we were here.  We had heard about quite a few avalanches occurring in the spring from the extra snow, but wow!  We were very surprised by all the trees that had been knocked down and how easily you could see the path that it took!!!    IMG_5778We hiked a bit further and got to Inspiration Point, 420 feet above Jenny Lake.  IMG_5784


We finished by walking down to the boat dock and taking the Shuttle Boat back across. 

Then on our drive back home, Grizzly Bear 610 was hanging out along the road with her two cubs.  All I got was pictures of their butts AGAIN!  IMG_5811

On a side note, there have been some interesting developments with the nearby grizzlies here.  As I’ve written earlier, fifteen-year-old Grizzly 399, had three cubs with her this year, and her five-year-old daughter, Grizzly 610, gave birth to two of her own cubs over the winter.  Well, 610 has now adopted one of 399’s cubs!!  It happened between the 16th and 20th of July in the Willow Flats area of the park.  They still aren’t sure why, but one theory is that a large male grizzly might have had an altercation with one, or both, of the mothers.  Males have been known to kill cubs in order to bring females into heat again.  Anyway, it has caused quite a stir around here and the last time each of the mothers were seen, the adoption still remains in effect!!!!

I hope you enjoyed Cascade Canyon with us and be sure to check back.  I’ll keep you up to date with the Grizzly Drama!!  Happy Trails!


  1. Always a treat to read of your adventures. Hope to see you after the escapade, if your still there.


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