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Check Out This Bus!!!!!!!

A little while ago, we had a special potluck dinner here at the employee RV park.  Earlier in the season some new workers came in and everyone had to take notice of their extremely unique RV.  Immediately it was the “talk of the town” and everyone wanted to take a tour, but it’s not like you can just invite yourself into someone else’s RV!  Eventually, the owners, David & Angel, gave in to everyone’s requests and offered to host a potluck and give tours through their bus.  You have to admit, it a bit eye-catching!  Yes, that is a VW Bus up on top!  And there really is a picket fence around the roof too.  David and his brother took about 7 or 8 months to put this all together.  Here’s our wonderful hosts and one of the men who put his heart and soul into making this.  Here are our wonderful hosts for the evening!  Did you notice the beautiful woodwork on the door?  Because it is also throughout the entire inside of the bus as well!  Even over the seats in front.  They took 2 x 4’s …