Check Out This Bus!!!!!!!

A little while ago, we had a special potluck dinner here at the employee RV park.  Earlier in the season some new workers came in and everyone had to take notice of their extremely unique RV.  Immediately it was the “talk of the town” and everyone wanted to take a tour, but it’s not like you can just invite yourself into someone else’s RV!  Eventually, the owners, David & Angel, gave in to everyone’s requests and offered to host a potluck and give tours through their bus.  You have to admit, it a bit eye-catching!  IMG_6585IMG_6583



Yes, that is a VW Bus up on top!  And there really is a picket fence around the roof too.  David and his brother took about 7 or 8 months to put this all together.  Here’s our wonderful hosts and one of the men who put his heart and soul into making this.  Here are our wonderful hosts for the evening!  IMG_6582Did you notice the beautiful woodwork on the door?  Because it is also throughout the entire inside of the bus as well!  IMG_6558






Even over the seats in front.  They took 2 x 4’s and then milled them each into three different boards and then installed them in the bus.  I hope I am explaining it in such a way that it makes sense to you.  Aren’t they just amazing though?  IMG_6562





Here’s the view looking down their “hallway” towards the back of the place.  I’ve never seen any kind of RV like this! IMG_6560They’ve even got a “wood-burning” stove in their living room.  It’s actually a propane stove, but I still couldn’t believe it when I saw it sitting there!  IMG_6563






Check out the bookshelves and the desk too!  Amazing!  IMG_6566



IMG_6565Now, in case you were wondering what the VW Bus is for up top; it is their master bedroom!  What an idea, huh?!  IMG_6568Here’s the real kicker when it comes to their unique home on wheels.  They have a PIANO!!  Can you believe that one????  Here’s the proof!  IMG_6570






Pretty incredible, isn’t it?  As you can also see, they also travel with other instruments and love music!!  In fact, after everyone was done eating those who could play instruments all got together for a fun jam session.  IMG_6581






Some other games were also played and fun was had by all!!IMG_6576Thanks to Dave & Angel for a wonderful evening and for sharing their home with all of us curious folks!!  IMG_6588


  1. What an incredible home. Looks like you all had a great time. We hope to find such treasures on our travels. Thank you for sharing.


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